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The article Write for Us Vitamins shares the details about the qualifications of the guest post writers and the article’s formatting style .

Do you enjoy learning about food? Are you the person who admits that our food is one form of medicine for us? Some foods can improve the health of a living organism, while others can destroy our internal organs. 

Our website decided to publish details on nutrients like vitamins. If you are a strong writer who can write about food nutrients, you are qualified to join our team and write the Write for Us Vitamins post.

Introduction to the dodbuzz website

The Dodbuzz website is known for its credible information and monthly reader views. We are a group of people who have decided to share information with all groups of people because, in today’s world, information is wealth, and all of our information has some impact on people, allowing them to add to their knowledge wealth. Our expertise areas are the latest news, website and product reviews, culture, politics, health, lifestyle, weight loss etc.

 Our team has decided to come up with the food and nutrition topic to make our readers screen time useful, and we invite guest post authors for this.

Skill sets for “Write For Us Vitamins Blog Guest Post

People’s right to good food is one of the basic needs of people. Similarly, people should need the awareness of choosing good nutrients, so we are expecting the writers to share knowledge on micronutrients, The vitamins

  • Our human body can’t produce the micronutrients, so they must be taken as foods and tablets. Thus we need a person with complete knowledge of food nutrients. Graduates in food nutrition and food dieticians can list the foods that are rich in vitamins.
  • Graduates of food technology engineering can also try to write about methods for increasing the vitamins and nutrients in food products. Write For Us + Vitamins Blog writers  can even share their research topics on developing new vitamin-enriched products like gummies, candies, etc. We would heartily appreciate that.
  • Our expected content topics are vitamins for a healthy body, content on fat and water-soluble vitamins, sources, innovative and latest products, how to take vitamins, comparison of capsules and authentic foods, chemical structures, etc.
  • Recently, many agricultural people have been recreating fortified rice. So people can explain the fortification process for enriching the vitamin level. And current fortified foods.
  • All these topics should compulsorily have a scientific background. Strictly don’t make any assumptions.

Formatting guidelines

  • Every Vitamins Blog “”Write For Us”” article should have the proper main title followed by the introduction, description, and conclusion. Make the distinctions clearly.
  • Approximately the article should have 800-1000 words
  • Writers should opt for the active voice.
  • Don’t copy the content from the internet. Inspiration/getting references are different from copying. All the articles should be plagiarism & grammatical error free.
  • Since it is a science topic, every piece of information should be perfectly correct. Try not to make any mistakes. It may affect a person’s health, so be responsible for each word.
  • Writers can try to implement the SEO guidelines in their articles.

The return benefits 

Write For Us + “”Vitamins Blog””” Authors will eventually get some benefits from working with our dodbuzz website. They are

  • Our website has a newsletter option, and our readers will get daily updates so that the guest post articles may reach our entire audience.
  • The author’s name will be displayed on the topic of the published article, so it may lead them to witness many future opportunities.
  • Our reader base includes the international audience so that each author’s work may be seen in any part of the world.

How to contact us?

Since the dodbuzz website is not on social media, writers must contact us via the following email address: 

Write for Us Vitamins authors can send their final copies to this email address, and if necessary, they can ask our team for assistance with the topics. And every guest post contributor should include their name in the document. The research topics should not have any private intellectual property rights because the Dodbuzz team may modify them based on the conditions.


Writers can courageously make their attempts because the Dodbuzz team values each piece of work. Again we are stressing that we can accept simple content but not plagiarised and fake content, so bring up  Write for Us Vitamins articles with fresh ideas. The selection process will be transparent, and the writer should not repost the selected articles on any other platform.

Read more about vitamins here. 

Were these guidelines easier to follow? Share your feedback in the comments.

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