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Write For Us Weed Blog Guest Post – Follow Guidelines!

The article quotes the mandate guidelines to be followed for writing a Dodbuzz website’s Write For Us Weed Blog Guest Post in a clearer manner.

Were you the person who was concerned about the people who were using weeds? Do you want to expose the hidden and legal status of weeds? Then you have arrived at the correct place. Weed is a biological term highly related to taking drugs and getting high. However, our Write For Us Weed Blog Guest Post will be published to provide a legal solution to the people.

About Our Website

In 2015, our Dodbuzz.com team was established, and we started from the microbial point. Through our moral virtues and principles, we have gained a larger readership and spread our horizons to many levels. And today, we are publishing reviews for products and websites that help people choose a legitimate platform. We are not limited to any geographic location; we have attempted to reach our content to the far reaches of the globe. Our trending topics are,

Gaming advice, startups, travel, electricity and security technologies, the crypto world, etc.

Preferred qualities for “Write for Us Weed article

Mostly weeds are derived from cannabis Sativa and Indica plants, and the dosage increases with THC levels. Because it is an important and sensitive topic, it has to be conveyed correctly. The article should not influence the person to use more weed because even teen people are our readers, so accountability and language should be maintained at all costs.

  • Medical practitioners can review the available weed products on the market and their side effects.
  • We need an article to provide information on the legal status of weed around the world. Because many people have lost their lives by merely possessing the weeds, the legality is a must-known one.

Write For Us + Weed Blog Topic Examples

  • Different weed strains, their availability, and side effects
  • De-Addiction steps must be defined.
  • predicted health effects for various genders 

Article guidelines

  • Content contributors should not copy the content and write plagiarism-free content and they should not make any mere assumptions. Every piece of information should be taken from a credible source.
  • Article should add a disclaimer part, and authors should not advertise or promote weed consumption.
  • Guest Post Authors should add the necessary internal and external links in the write-up. But they should limit the links to avoid getting more spam; the spam value can be around 2 to 3 %.
  • Word limit: 600 to 1200
  • Weed Blog “”Write For Us”” article should have the proper highlights, titles, and subheadings.
  • The required Grammarly score is above 98%.

Availing benefits

  • Our team has newsletter options and social media accounts to popularise the articles, so eventually, the authors will get amazing web impressions.
  • The article will be present on our platform for a very long time.

Where to submit

Contributors should send their guest posts to this email address braydenwilson763@gmail.com , and any further grievances will be resolved through this email.


We have reached our final part, so the other important thing to be noted is that our website has all the rights to edit and modify the Write For Us + “”Weed Blog””” articles. Authors should not violate these guidelines or repost their work on another platform without our permission. Let us shed some light on weeds and their by-products. Check out more information about weed here. 

Will you be able to adhere to the guidelines? Comment below.

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