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World Sail Trello {July} Curious? Read Here To Know!

In this post, we are discussing World Sail Trello in detail, one of the trending topics among Roblox fans.

Do you want to know about a Roblox game based on the popular anime One Piece? In this post, we are discussing World Sail, a Roblox RPG game that has been trending over the internet recently.

Roblox is one of the mainstream gaming platforms worldwide, including in the United States. World Sail is one of the new release games which has gained enormous attention a few times and made its place along the gamers. So, let us discuss World Sail and know World Sail Trello further in this post. 

About World Sail – 

As mentioned above, world sail is a brand-new open-world role-playing game on Roblox based on the One-Piece anime. Despite certain similarities, this is not wholly one Piece. The game may not have a Trello board yet.

There are issues in the game, and additional content is anticipated in the upcoming weeks because it is still in its early testing stages. Check out other popular titles like A One Piece and Legend Piece game if you enjoy One Piece video games. However, scroll down and look at the most recent ones to see the most recent codes for World Sail.

Working World Sail Codes – 

If you have been a Roblox player for a while, you might know there are certain codes. If you apply in specific ways, you will get exciting freebies from the game. Below are some of the codes –

  • SOSORRY – Code to redeem X 1hr 2X +10k Gold EXP.
  • ANOTHERRESET – Code to redeem X Stat Reset.
  • MOREFIXES – Code to redeem X Reset of Stat.
  • VexxGoated – Code to redeem X 30 mins and 2x EXP with 5 Gems.
  • ROADTO1500 – Code to redeem X15,000 Cash.
  • 1KFAVS – Code to redeem X 10 Gems.

Above are some of the World Sail Codes Roblox is currently working on. If it doesn’t work for you, it might be expired. 

How to get the codes redeemed for World Sail? 

As mentioned before, there is a certain way of applying code to get gifts from it. The way is very straightforward. You have to follow certain steps to get rewarded by the codes mentioned above – 

  • Launch the game.
  • Select Options by clicking the bottom left button.
  • Fill out the box with the code.
  • Tap “Enter”
  • Enjoy!

Many gamers are also asking about World Sail Trello to know more codes, but we don’t know about it currently. We will inform you as soon as we get any information.  

The Final Verdict – 

We hope this post helped in informing about the World Sail game. If you are a One Piece or Roblox fan, you will enjoy this game very much, so you should try it if you haven’t already. Click here to check out the official Roblox page of World Sail 

Do you know about the Trello of World Sail game? Let us know about it in the comment section below. Also, do share this World Sail Trello post to inform others. 

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