News Website (April) Check The Information! Website 2021 Website (April) Check The Information! >> Want to know about the website that claims to tell the death dates? Then please refer to the article below. Website: Hey! Readers! Have you heard about a website that can check the death clock? Before that, know whether the portal is safe to use or not. And what the user says about it in this article below. 

The is an online site that claims to predict your death time in few minutes, popularly used worldwide, including in India. Are you curious to know more, then please stay with us till the end?

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About site

It is a website created on 2005-07-06, an ancient portal that claims to predict death time accurately for those who are curious to know when they will die.

The advance expectance calculator tells death time based on where you live, your lifestyle, how much smoke and alcohol you’re addicted to, and BMI number. 

How to check one’s death clock?

  • Make sure you are connected to the internet.
  • Go to the official Website.
  • Enter your date of birth and gender in the specific block.
  • Tick on the yes button if you smoke.
  • Choose your BMI like <25, <26 etc. BMI calculation part is also given, which is explained later at the end of this section.
  • Choose the outlook of yours like optimistic, Neutral, Pessimistic, or Suicidal. 
  • Select your country name.
  • Submit the input data to check your death clock because the website claims to give you a predicted death time.

How To Calculate Your BMI?

  • In the same below, you find a BMI calculator.
  • Here you enter your weight in KG or Pounds.
  • Also, enter your height in the block.
  • Hit on the “calculate” button.

Is Website Real?

As per the research, the website’s domain age is 2005-07-06, which is very old and active on the social media outlets. Coming to the user’s reviews, we obtained mixed opinions of the users on the website as well as on its Facebook page.

Even though it is an old site, we suggest you further research from your end and take this as entertainment because nobody can predict death time, which negatively impacts people’s minds. 

User’s Reviews

As said above, this website actively participates in social media, where many users’ responses were obtained. Some users are excited to use the site and say it’s enjoyable; I’m going to try it.

Whereas some Website reviews say it is fake, please don’t use it. One of the interesting comments we got is that one user from India tried to check a famous celebrity’s death date, but the predicted death date is wrong because the person is still alive happily.

We have received some responses from the users also on its official website, and those are mixed.

Bottom Line

It is an entertainment portal that claims to tell your death date by merely putting some data. Details of which is given above, please refer. We recommend you take it as fun, believe in yourself, and enjoy every moment of your life.

But one impressive message it gives to the people is that maintaining proper BMI increases your life; so, stay healthy.

Have you used the Website? Is it genuine? Please share your point of view about the site by commenting in the section below.


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