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Do you like staying up to date with the latest news telling you what is happening in the environment around you? One such news agency is the 

CBN is the acronym for Christian Broadcasting Network, and their news pieces are usually from the perspective of the beliefs of one community. Is this being the primary reason for a lot of readers questioning Legit? Read further to find out. 

The broadcasting network was created in the year 1961 United State to deliver a mix of religious content and a report on the current events. However, on most occasions, their views are known to be pro-republican, usually never objective. 

If you do not share the same views as those of, you may assume it Is Legit. 

Is Legit

This news broadcasting agency has been up and running for about 59 years and also has its own Wikipedia page. Their views and opinions may not match those of the liberals as they are mostly conservative and pro-Republican. But the CBN is entirely legitimate, and there is plenty of information about its creation and functioning available. 

The main objective of it is to news updates as well as produce programmes that give information regarding religious beliefs. However, there is a possibility that they spread fake because of their biases. Which is what could have made non-conservative readers and followers question its legitimacy. 

It is essential to notice that due to its background and beliefs, it is not popular amongst the people who tend to not have restrictive views as theirs. 

What is

CBN is an acronym for Christian Broadcasting News and is a Christian religious television network that is conservative. Pat Robertson started it in Virginia, United States in the year 1961. 

The network has, over the years, tried its best to adapt itself to the changing environment and accommodate the new generation. Their idea remains the same, and they still wish to preach the word of the lord and his son Jesus Christ. 

In the initial years it gained popularity for its show the 700 Club that showcased interviews, news bulletins and stories apart from religious news. 

CBN has been at the forefront of the war ever since the creation of the agency in the United State. There have been complaints of the news broadcaster offering information that is usually biased and not objective. But if you are a devout Christian, the Legit and opinions of the CBN will not be any bothered to you.


  • The is a Christian orient religious television that has its base of operations in the United States
  • It was set up in the year 1961 by an evangelical Christian and ever since has been at war with opposing cultural beliefs prevalent in the society 
  • Today it functions as a production company for the 700 clubs as well as shows like CBN new watch, the Brody file, Christian world news and 700 clubs interactive
  • The information provided by is a mix of clippings of what is happing in the world along with television programmers centred around religious beliefs 
  • They supply information that is both religious and secular but with a substantial bias 
  • To fit in better with the newer generations, they have come out with podcasts and are active on social media pages as well 
  • They recently launched Faith Nation and has been garnering substantial ratings 

What are the people saying about the

The has been at the forefront of trouble for its drastic conservative beliefs. Its creator Pat Robertson has been known for comments that are usually derogatory in nature. This is what led to a somewhat negative perception of the by numerous users. 

They claim that the news information provided by the company may not be reliable as there it is usually biased, and often the perspective seems to be skewed. The bias has been called ‘excessive’, but some stories covered by them are of value and give your insight. 

But if you are a devout Christian, then the reports may be of interest to you. 

Final Verdict- 

After researching about the, it is clear that this broadcasting network is legitimate. There is the problem of that Is Legit being unreliable as they are usually religiously biased. 

This means that if you don’t share the same perspective as them, you may find it challenging to be satisfied with their reporting’s.

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  1. Because you say they may be biased makes me wonder if you are biased when you report that.
    Let the viewer decide, don’t try to steer the viewer where you may want him to go.
    I’ll decide what is fake news for myself. Thank you.

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