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Are you a taxpayer and wonder about where all your tax money goes? If you wonder where all the collected money is being used or circulated. Then we are here to discuss the Internal Revenue System that deals with revenue services.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has its mission and vision to serve better. But apart from that, some consumers had noticed some scams too related to IRS in the United StatesThroughout this article, we will be focusing on the factors which make the IRS far away from the scams. We will also see, “Is legit?”  

About IRS

The Internal Revenue Service is an organization handling revenue services of a country and one can refer to IRS as a bureau of the Department of Treasury. The IRS’s primary work is to publish various tax forms that taxpayers must choose from them. Also, it prints some documents for its internal operations. In the USA the IRS has also encountered some scams impersonating the IRS. The fraud took place in e-mails, tweets, or other social media messages to IRS consumers. IRS launched a factsheet, mentioning all kinds of fraud and how one can be safe. Stick around this discussion to find “Is legit?”

IRS Factsheet 

The IRS factsheet is for its taxpayers to make them aware of the existing scam. In the factsheet, the Internal Revenue Service of the USA mentioned how scammers try to connect with the consumers and charge money from them. One can easily find that factsheet on the official site.

The IRS mentions that some scammers try to set up phony web platforms too. Generally, the official IRS does not try to send non-verified e-mail to the taxpayers. The IRS does not discuss any account information over e-mail. The answer to “Is legit” is that it is not legit and authentic. IRS has its official website and that is:

Services by IRS

The IRS of a country offers multiple types of reliefs and services. Coronavirus tax relief, renewing the PTIN, providing the tax records, etc. other services are some of the prominent ones. The forms and instructions to fill them up are already available on the IRS’s official page. Every year IRS proposes its progress reports and updates on its official site. 

Is Legit?

The IRS is the official organization of a country that deals with revenue services. In the United States, the IRS works for the federal government and checks the taxpayers and their payments. The IRS has its mission and vision, and to fulfill them, the IRS releases guidance on how to comply with tax laws, answer all the questions to the taxpayers, makes audit, etc. When open, we found that mentioned link is not available and broken. Therefore, it is not legit. One shall visit to continue with the official page.   


In conclusion, we are here to say that either or aren’t authentic but full of scam. When we tried to open the given links, it redirects us to a different page which is broken and has none information. The official link to the IRS is: and we suggest our readers to give a manual check before they hop on to such scam website.

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