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Xchara Aut (Sep 2021) Complete Game Information Below!

Here in this article, we will read about Xchara Aut and how we can obtain this character in the game.

Are you also a fan of the Roblox game? And want to know about every major and famous character of the Roblox game, and also want to know about all the latest events taking place in the game, then don’t worry because you have visited the right page, because here we are going to read about a new major character of Roblox that is getting famous Worldwide.

So basically, here we will read about the character of Xchara Aut and how we can obtain this character in the game, so read the whole article for full information.

Details Of Xchara:

It is a new and major character of the Roblox game; it is also known as cross chara when he is with the cross in its phantom form or called xchara. This character is a child of Xgaster, and after he gets to know about the multiverse, he begins doing experiments with his x tale. 

Xchara Aut has also attempted to take a rebel against the x gaster, but eventually, he gets defeated and ends up being an experiment of the gaster. Then to keep him alive, he got powers through the x event, and then further he overwrites himself as x tale frisk; this character has several abilities within him. 

So after knowing these things, we will read about the abilities of this major character further in this article.

Abilities of Xchara Aut:

The abilities of this particular character is listed below. 

  • Slash- it is used to performing three quick slashes, with a damage range of 21-30
  • X blaster- is used to fire a red beam towards the opponent.
  • Overwrite heal- this key is used to stop the user for a moment and heal his body 45 hp.
  • Glitch teleport- this feature allows the user to teleport from one place to another.
  • Knife uppercut- this feature enables the user to perform a knife movement in the air.

How To Obtain Xchara:

To get Xchara Aut in the game, we need to be very focused and dedicated. At first, we have to obtain the sans through earning by using the bone item. And then, we can obtain this particular character in the game from the shop option by trading money in the game. 

After we obtain the sans form, we have to get the xsoul from the chests, and then finally, we will be able to obtain the xchara by combining both of these items.


Here in this article, we will read about a character of the Roblox game, the Xchara Aut character. We will also cover details about the special ability of this character and how we can get this character in the game.

Do you want to read about more Roblox characters? If yes, then write down below about the character you want to know.

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