Xdraco NFT {Dec 2021} A Physical Asset For Gaming!

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The article on Xdraco NFT talks about an NFT and game characters related to that NFT. Please read the article to know more about it.

What is Xdraco? Is this a Non Fungible token? When did this NFT release? Which industry does this NFT belong to? Can you buy it?

The nonfungible token market is an emerging technology that allows consumers to transfer ownership of their digital assets. The main difference from cryptocurrencies is that NFTs are not intended to be used as a means of currency but instead as a unique and non-replaceable digital asset. 

In the Philippines, and Brazil, a new NFT is trending Xdraco NFT.

What is XDraco?

It is a new Non Fungible token in the market. Xdraco is released on 21st December 2021. Xdraco is an example of a nonfungible token used on the blockchain to represent a physical asset. Xdraco is one of a kind because this NFT represents online games.

It also allows for fungible assets to be represented with a nonfungible token. Also allows for the creation of a token that is used to represent a physical asset on the blockchain. For example, a real estate asset on the blockchain can be represented by a nonfungible token. 

More Details on Xdraco NFT

It is a collectible NFT now available. One can exchange, trade or stake this Xdraco in the market. XDRACO is a platform that offers players the ability to trade in-game items.

Also, a no-loss staking program, which allows players to earn money by simply holding coins in their wallets. WEMIX supports Xdraco and its functioning. 

More information on mint, seal and trade your NFT Xdraco and exchange it. They are closely associated with MIR 4 video games. It means they have an existing NFT of MIR 4. They have a discord group, where they notify you of everything. 

How to purchase Xdraco NFT?

Steps to purchase Xdraco are as given below:

  • Search and Visit their official website (link is provided in conclusion below).
  • Then you have to search for a favorite character from MIR 4 or choose a character NFT of your liking.
  • Link your Wemix wallet with your MIR4 account to proceed further.
  • Now, proceed to buy the chosen NFT and complete the transaction.
  • You have successfully purchased an Xdraco MIR 4 character NFT. 
  • After this, import your purchased character to the MIR 4 video game.
  • Play the game with your character and enjoy your time playing.

These were some simple steps to purchase the MIR 4 character Xdraco NFT. MIR 4 is a video game of the battle and war genre. MIR4 is a multiplayer game played online and that is free to play. Released on 25th August 2021.


The NFT Xdraco is related to the MIR 4 video game, and there are NFT characters of that particular game that you can now buy and import to your video game and play. The video game was released in mid-2021, and the NFT was released on 21st December 2021.

 To know more and understand the NFT, better visit their official website

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