Is Xtra PC Scam [Updated 2020] – Read Review Before Buying

Xtra PC Reviews 2020

Is Xtra PC Scam [Updated 2020] – Read Review Before Buying >> Here you read about how you can improve the speed of your computer and also Read about all your FAQs answered. Do you use a flash drive?

Want to improve the speed of your computer? Try Xtra PC.

Have you heard about Xtra PC Scam? In this article, you will get your answers. Xtra PC is a gadget that allows your PC to work faster and also allows you to store your data in it, in case you are running out of the space.

Xtra PC Review

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What is Xtra PC? Is it a scam?

Xtra PC is a USB flash drive which improves the speed of your computer and allows you to use it as a pen drive to store your data. Xtra PC has a Limited Stock Available With Free Shipping. It will enable your computer to update itself to higher versions and that too without causing any glitch.

Xtra PC is designed to access itself as a Linux OS and thus making your PC work faster and better. You can also save your additional data on this flash drive and then use it on other devices.

Why should you buy Xtra PC?

Xtra PC claims Satisfaction Guarantee, which means that you have the chance to receive your entire money back if you return the product in 30 days. Through its 30-day Money Back Guarantee, the company allows its customers to get a refund if they do not like Xtra PC or if it does not work correctly.

Xtra PC Reviews

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There are various reasons to buy Xtra PC. No one wants to work on a slow PC. We all want to stay updated with the latest versions. But do all the PCs allow the update? No., and this is why using a flash drive becomes a smart choice.

How to use Xtra PC?

It is effortless and convenient to use Xtra PC.

  • Switch on your computer, and if it is already ON close all the running programs.
  • After unboxing the package, attach Xtra PC to the USB port available on your PC.
  • Allow some time to your PC to access the flash drive.
  • A window will be displayed where you will click allow the flash drive to access your computer and run the program
  • It will download the Linus Operating system, and once installed, your PC will be ready to use.

Specifications of Xtra PC:

  • Xtra PC comes in three different sizes, including Xtra PC- Turbo 16, Xtra PC- Turbo 32, and Xtra PC Pro.
  • It works as a storage device
  • It supports OS access
  • Xtra PC allows access to a Linux OS
  • It works as a USB flash drive

Benefits of using Xtra PC:

  • It helps in improving the speed of the PC or Laptop
  • Xtra PC will work as an additional storage gadget
  • You can bring your old PCs to life
  • It also allows recovering deleted files
  • You can enable your computer to update itself with all the latest versions
  • You can visit multiple various websites
  • It has apps already added into it which you can use
  • You can buy the storage size of your choice or requirement

Xtra PC Legit

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What are customer’s views on Xtra PC?

1) Rey– My PC had caught some virus, and after that, it just started becoming slower. It would stop working, especially during my essential tasks. My colleague suggested me to use Xtra PC, and I placed my order right away. First of all, I had to pay a very pocket-friendly amount, and it was with free shipping. Secondly, the delivery was speedy. I received my order in just three days. And lastly, it does work.

2) J Kenny– This is not at all a scam, guys. This is the best gadget ever. I cannot believe my PC has started working fine like before. And I also have additional space for my games. I am just so satisfied.

3) Alex– This is legit. I tell you all, invest in this little but the best thing. You will be able to save the life of your Laptop. It is affordable, and I am using it for the past three months. I have not faced any issues.

4) HY– I feel so sad to have bought this gadget late. If I had bought it earlier, I would have been able to treat my PC well. After using it, I have placed another order for my Laptop as well. I also asked my friend to buy this savior.

5) Johnson– Indeed, it is the medicine for my PC. Since the time I have started using it, my PC has become better. I feel like this should be used by everyone. This gives so much of the extra space and also improves the speed of the Laptop and PC.

Where can you buy Xtra PC?

To buy Xtra PC, click the link mentioned here. The link will take you to the official website from where you can buy this product and that too at the most discounted rate ever. The delivery is made to the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and many other countries.

Xtra PC Where to Buy

Final Verdict

Viruses, lack of RAM, background apps, and other such several reasons make your PC slow. Just like slow internet, slow PC is also irritating. We end up buying expensive gadgets, but we do not usually protect them. So, if your PC or Laptop has become stagnant and you are running out RAM, try Xtra PC. This will help you not only as a storage option but will also improve the speed of your Desktop.

This one-time purchase is going to save your PC or Laptop from any problems by increasing the speed and giving additional storage. We recommend our readers to use Xtra PC to make your PC work faster and better.


  1. I Purchased Xtra-PC
    It is unopened. The instructions indicate (imply) that Windows 10 – must be running. The computer will not start or open Windows or any thing – but the first screen – which is not Windows. The Computer will not boot or start anything – I do get a failed message. No Boot Drive – or something like that message.

    I have Read all the instructions – to be sure that Xtra-PC will do what the advertisement says it will do.

    There is a strong indications – in the instructions – that Windows must be running for Xtra-PC to be used (selected and activated.).

    If it does not do what the advertisement says it will, I need to return it for a full refund.

    The Problem is – if I open the package and try to use it – and it does not work – the instructions read as if – it would not be returnable for a full refund – if at all.
    Completely different – than the information in the sales promo information. Do I dare open it and try to use it?
    Please advise.

    1. Well, at least everybody got their product. I paid $79, give Xtra PC my correct mailing address and never heard anything else from them. That was almost 6-months ago.

  2. Just bought one, took 4 weeks to arrive in Australia so there goes my return straight away, took 4 days to realise it is a dud. Technical Support were “great” (tongue in cheek) On WEDNESDAY the 4th day I contacted them they gave me instructions that don’t work and when I went back — OFFLINE yet they advertise open 24 hours monday mountain time to saturday mountain time, must be weird time zones in America where you close on tues, wed and thurs even though it’s Aussie time or am I weirdo.

  3. I ordered one about 6 weeks ago and I waited until now to ask how long does it take to get here.
    They said that there may be a slight wait well I reckon 8 weeks is quite long enough. I think I could have made myself in the time takes. N o I think their lying and it dosen’t work or exist so i,m going to try to get money back as a warning to others I think Ive lost it .Colin Fuller

    1. I have yet to get mine to work. Thou several cautions have been give. Move all of youe D drive some where else. Done. I am guessing that they are going to uninstall Windows 10 and replace it with Windows 8.1. Yikes. To late to say no. So, I trudge on. I am waiting for the next step.

  4. I definitely, Now know its scam, I ordered mine and spent 80 US $$$ and have not seen it , I ordered a month ago and have not heard anything from them
    NOw , I am worried that they have my credit card number.

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