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What is the Y2 Marte com software? How to use this tool? Is this software legit? All the answers are given in this blog- read the article and know about it.

Do you want to save your favorite video from social media? While browsing social websites, we find several videos and reels we want to save on our handset; however, no social media web or application has the save option available for free.

But now, to solve this problem, an application has been launched in India. The platform, Y2 Marte com, is not only available in the application model but also in the web form. 

Let’s know about this modern software-

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What is this software?

It is web software that helps users to save their favorite videos from social media, such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. People are misguided, that it is a website, but we would like to clarify that it is an Mp4 downloader tool from where you can download YouTube videos and other clips and it doesn’t charge a penny to provide the service. With this software, you don’t only save the videos but also the audio and music to watch anytime offline. 

Y2 Marte com– How to use it?

This tool is simple to use- all you need to do is- you need to search this web on any safe browsing platform and then open the web. After opening the page, you will find a page on your mobile handset or PC, which includes a rectangular box, and beside it, an ‘Arrow’ is given.

In that box, you will need to paste the link to the video, music, or audio you like to install. After pasting the link, you will get a list of install options, which are available in different resolutions. Now click on the installation button to save that video or audio to your device.

Y2 Marte com– How reliable is the site?

It is necessary to analyze the portal’s legitimacy, especially when it comes to a third-party tool that provides this type of service. This type of software may contain malware or similar kinds of web viruses. Therefore, before using this tool, kindly read this section and find out its legitimacy-

  • Domain Name: Its domain name is
  • Registration Date: The domain was enlisted on 16th November 2021.
  • Reviews: Reviews are not accessible.
  • Social Community Link: On this portal, no information is given which can prove its link with social media.
  • Official Email ID: Y2 Marte com official email address is 
  • Trust Score: The trust rank is 35 percent.
  • Plagiarism: 24 percent copied record.

As you can see, the site’s trust rating is so poor, and no reviews are available. Plus, its connection with community media is not available. Along with this, plagiarism is also present. So, the portal seems to be suspicious.

The Bottomline:

There are various web tools and software available which provide a similar service; however, this site is getting traffic in India. However, its credibility is pretty poor, and no reviews are available. So, Y2 Marte com can be suspicious software. 

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