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Yes Catalogue Review [Updated 2020] – Is It a Scam?

Yes Catalogue Review

Yes Catalogue Review [Updated 2020] – Is It a Scam? >> In this article on Yes Catalogue, we tell you about the benefits of using Yes Catalogue and what customers have to say about it. If you have an account on Yes Catalogue and have used it, share your experience in the comments below.

What is Yes Catalogue?

Yes Catalogue is a website that allows you to make purchases on the credits. You can buy the item of your choice from the selected Catalogue and then pay the bill in installments. Yes, it is as easy as it sounds. You don’t have to worry about carrying money all the time or having your bank accounts full. It is just a matter of thinking right. Yes Catalogue is currently trending in the United Kingdom.

Yes Catalogue Review lets you pay it back whenever you have money in your account. This way, you get your required item that, too, without worrying about money in the account. Doesn’t it sound very cool?

To know more about the website and Yes Catalogue Scam, keep reading.

What makes Yes Catalogue different?

Yes Catalogue Review can be treated as an online credit card system. But here, you can pay your charge in installments. Like credit cards or debit cards deal with real cash, Yes Catalogue does not require real money. You can purchase the item of your requirement without worrying about the money.

It allows you to make a purchase even if you are running out of money in your bank account. As compared to other methods, it is reliable and convenient.

Specifications of Yes Catalogue:

  • It has different and several products available in its Catalogue.
  • It does not ask for the entire money to be paid at once.
  • It allows installments.
  • The accounts have to pass a test only after which they get a confirmation.

Benefits of using Yes Catalogue:

  • Yes Catalogue allows you to buy whatever you want even if your bank balance is low.
  • Yes Catalogue lets you pay it back in installment.
  • It has several products available.
  • You don’t have to depend on real money.
  • The website takes a test, and only valid accounts pass the test. So you need not worry about fraud.
  • All the accounts are verified, and mini booklets are forwarded to account holders so through email.
  • You can buy the item of your choice whenever you want.
  • It won’t charge any interest on the paybacks by its customers.

How to use Yes Catalogue?

After visiting the website, you will see an option to create your account online. Click the option and start filling all the required data. Once your account is successfully created, you can choose your Catalogue. And buy the items from those mentioned in the Catalogue chosen.

You can pay the bill in the installment. Yes, you don’t have to pay all the money at once. You can pay it at your convenience.

Reviews from the customers on Yes Catalogue:

1) Austin- I am using Yes Catalogue for three months now. My shopping is mostly online-based, and thus I always seek for offers. But now I don’t have to wait for offers to buy anything online as I can receive my credits through Yes Catalogue. Even if the bank balance is low, I can now buy the item that is important for me.

2) Caroline- I wanted to buy a hairdryer, but the one that I wanted was expensive. I decided to try out Yes Catalogue, and I can’t believe the number of credits I have received. Since then, I decided to use Yes Catalogue whenever I buy anything online. It helps me save a lot of money. The catalogs contain some exceptional items, and you can choose from them quickly.

3) Rey M- It is so easy to set up the account on Yes Catalogue. The website is clean and comfortable to manage. Regarding credits, I am happy with my purchase. I can say that this is one of the legitimate sites I have used. I love the credit system. Great going Yes Catalogue.

4) Luca L- Nice. It is of high quality. I like how the credits get deposited in the account. I was not sure before using it, but I can say now that the website is not a fake one. It is genuine and gives the credits as well. I don’t have to think about having money in my bank account. I can pay them in installments as well.

5) MN- I ordered the drink machine for my office through Yes Catalogue and received my credits. I have heard my other friends and colleagues talking about it and appreciating the website. This company is undoubtedly getting some great clients.

Final Verdict

In this expensive world of desired needs, all of us want to save our money somehow and also fulfill our wishes. There are much cashback offers available on the websites, but they come with a long list of terms and conditions. This is not the case with Yes Catalogue. It does not provide you a long list of terms and conditions to follow. It just gives you credit once you buy any item through the website.

We never suggest anything to our customers that we are not sure of. One of our team members has already used Yes Catalogue, and he is satisfied with the overall results. We are confident you all will also receive satisfying results. If you try it out, we would like to know about your experience too.

We like the natural process of Yes Catalogue. One can easily create the account on the website and use it. Another thing we love about the site is that you don’t have to rely on real money. Credits are your saviors. We recommend you, people, to try Yes Catalogue and let us know if that worked you. As per what we have read, heard, and experienced, this website does not seem like a scam or fraud from any direction. The website ensures a lot of security via verification and confirmation.


  1. Absolutely rubbish ive made 8 payments and still bo goods emaied them to see what happening and no response useless


    Pay everything before delivery… I have now nearly paid everything and still no contact for delivery. Absolutely useless.

  3. Dont go there, ive made 8 payments, only to find out the goods i ordered were not what was advertised. Asked for a full refund due to false advertisment of goods i was told no refund will be givin.. contacted trading stanards send the yes cat 6 emails and not a blooming reply… pathetic.

  4. this company is a scam,you will pay inflated prices for rubbish,you do not get 300 pounds credit,for a 300 pound item you have to pay 150 of that before the item is dispatched..avoid like the plague

  5. do not touch with a barge pole…vastly overpriced and no chance of ever getting in touch with their customer servies

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