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Yespandora Com Reviews [April] Read Before Giving An Order

Yespandora Com Reviews

Yespandora Com Reviews [April] Read Before Giving An Order >>Be a smart shopper! Check out all the necessary information about this ecommerce website in this post. After this, you will be able to decide regarding order placement over this website.

Is a trustworthy website or not? Well, if you want to get familiar with the quality of the services, then you should go through yespandora com reviews. It is a typical online shopping website that sells various products for both men and women and that too at very affordable prices. However, the quality of the products and services at this much low price seems to be a bit unrealistic. So, it stands for a reason to check for the different aspects regarding the website before placing an order.

Let’s have a look at some detailed information about the website.

What’s is an international shopping website that mainly deals with men’s and women wear at very much cheaper ratesYespandora com reviews can be seen in case you want to know the website more as you may get a lot of doubt regarding the quality and material of the products looking at exciting discount offers and even the original prices of the products. So, it’s better to be fully sure before you purchase anything.

Nevertheless, you must have a look at the wide variety; this website offers, which includes most importantly, men and women wear. Besides this clothing section, the website has some more sections containing stylish accessories for both men and women, including elegant necklaces, rings, and amazingly designed branded earrings, bags, and toiletries viz ultra-soft paper towels.

Who’s this for? has a huge collection of wonderful products for men and women, including silver jewelry too. So, it is not targeted for a particular group of people. 

However, referring to the yespandora com reviews, it can be seen that the website is targeting customers with high interest in metallic accessories over the world. Moreover, this website tries to see its new customers returning for more shopping and get fully satisfied with their purchase.

Benefits of

  • All the products on the website are made with the best quality material and best quality manufacture.
  • Overall customer rating of is commendable, which is a good sign in the progress story of the website.
  • Each and every product available on the website is budget-friendly and can be delivered anywhere.
  • The website is safe and secure to be used as no suspicious activity has been found yet.

Yespandora com reviews suggest that the website is totally recommendable to be used, but the online reviews are sometimes not enough to trust a website completely because, along with the benefits and positive reviews, there are some complaints regarding the website’s services too. 


  • You can get your order shipped in any corner of the entire world.
  • The website has around 15 strict manual inspections for your order before it gets dispatched.
  • The website offers excellent customer support as you can contact the website anytime any day.
  • The website provides an easy return and exchange policy but only within 14 days of delivery.

What people are saying about

In this modern world or high-tech world, business promotions need to be technical and attractive enough to attract the customers, and one such method of getting your sales high is promoting through social media accounts.

Well, looking at the online reviews on the social media accounts of yespandora, the yespandora com reviews reveal the customer satisfaction properly. Even, it is grateful to see that people are making all their purchases even their tiniest accessories on this online shopping website. Furthermore, some users are calling it to be the most trustworthy website for even the orders comprising of large payments and bulk material.

Negative remarks of

As they say, something which has some ups will have some downs. So as in the case of, there has been found some negative point in the reviews. Some customers are filing complaints regarding the low quality of the products, the difference between the product shown online, and the product delivered, and false advertisements. 

  • Refund policy of the website is very much complex as it has a lot of conditions whether you ask for a refund before shipping or during the manufacturing.
  • The website doesn’t offer FTC service for the products requested for return.
  • The website offers different processing times for different products.


After looking at all the yespandora com reviews, the website can be considered safe and secure to be used for making the purchase of any kind of accessories, bags, and paper towels. 

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  1. THIS WEBSITE IS A TOTAL SCAM!!! I ordered paper towels and toilet paper from My account was charged immediately. When I tried to track my two orders it said it couldn’t find them! When I tried to log in it said it couldn’t find my email address!!! When I tried to email 2 different email addresses listed on their website, both came back as non-deliverable. When I tried to call them it wouldn’t go through. THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM!!! DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS SITE – INCLUDING PAPER GOODS!!!

    1. Same thing happened to me. Can’t get in touch with web sight, can’t call or e mail no response.web sight no longer exists

    2. Same here Paul. Ordered TP in March, said it was on the way to the airport, and now the Shop app just says Failure, whatever that means, but it can’t be good. I have a feeling we will never see the goods or our money again.

    3. Same problem happened to me.I ordered toilet paper and they sent me tiny rolls and charged me a lot of money. They did not send me what I ordered. It’s a total scam.!!!!Beware

  2. THIS WEBSITE IS A TOTAL SCAM!!! I ordered paper towels and toilet paper from My account was charged immediately. When I tried to track my two orders it said it couldn’t find them! When I tried to log in it said it couldn’t find my email address!!! When I tried to email 2 different email addresses listed on their website, both came back as non-deliverable. When I tried to call them it wouldn’t go through. THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM!!! DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS SITE – INCLUDING PAPER GOODS!!!

    1. Thank you! Was just about to order from them but wondered why they have so much of this stuff and NOBODY ELSE DOES? Had to be a scam. I was right.

      1. Yessss this company is a total scam. DONT ORDER FROM THEM. I couldn’t get paper towels as you all know so in panic I ordered and paid $23 extra for expedited shipping. I received an email immediately stating that this order was standard shipping and would be delayed of course I emailed to say I paid for expedited shipping and no reply. I then canceled my order same day. I have emailed 3 times stating don’t ship order was canceled. They charged me immediately. I emailed again on day 6 and said you haven’t shipped yet do not send. I get a reply immediately after and they said I couldn’t return because they shipped today. What a joke. They had 6 days not to ship and cancel my expensive inflated order. I will never order from this company again and I’m writing BB and sending all correspondence. Please save yourself from this scam.

  3. Same thing happened to me. Can’t get in touch with web sight, can’t call or e mail no response.web sight no longer exists

  4. Well looks like the same thing has happened to me. Have any of you received your items? I cannot get in touch with them either. Their website is redirected to a different site so I can’t track my orders either. I should be receiving my orders within the next couple of days if not I will dispute the charges. What a shame people are ripping people off during this crap…

  5. Same things happened to me no paper towels yet total scam website is too ! No response from them at all 😡

  6. TOTAL SCAM – so stupid of me – didn’t know it was coming from china when order was placed – tried 4 times to cancel order – they ignored requests – been weeks – nothing has come can’t get in touch with them – price gouged me but i was desperate – total rip off – so mad!!!!

    1. AGREE — TOTAL SCAM!! Didn’t know it was coming from China either. Product was priced to gouge but I also felt desperate. Couldn’t find my order to cancel. Arrived 7 + weeks later. And although the product received was labelled with the product I ordered, that’s not what was in the plastic wrap. Amazing.

  7. I got my package today of what should have been 10 rolls of bounty select a size paper towels- what I got is 10 rolls of tubeless toilet paper!! What the actual heck!!!

    1. Pat, to look on the bright side, at least you got SOMETHING! You might be the luckiest out of all of us. 🙂

  8. Absolutely a SCAM. It would be funny except it was very expensive. Ordered Bounty Paper towels for $32.99 + shipping $9.90. Received10 mini (I mean Mini) rolls of something that are 4 inches high by 3 inches around. They do not say Bounty anywhere, only say SOFT with similar colors as a Bounty wrapper. These are smaller than a toilet paper roll!! As others have stated there is no way to contact the company and no refunds. So sad that someone would go to such trouble to take other people’s money anytime, but especially during a world wide crisis. They should use their skills to do something positive instead of stealing from others. I wonder if they believe in KARMA??

    1. I also 10 rolls of bounty paper towels instead I received 10 rules of tubeless toilet paper. The company is a total scam misrepresented their product and I’m out $42.89.

  9. Hi there! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be ok.
    I’m definitely enjoying you blog and loik forward to new posts.

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  10. I ordered paper towels. Bounty 10 rolls, select a size. Came as promised only a complete scan. Packaging made to look like bounty but not Bounty and paper towels are miniature. Less than 5 inches tall.

  11. I filed a complaint with PayPal and requested a refund. Supposedly, the company responded to PayPal but I was not told what the response was. I ordered Bounty paper towels on April 15 and as of June 4, still don’t have the paper towels. Could not contact yespandora using the links provided. I am frankly irritated with PayPal too. They imply a guarantee of safe purchase and refund. How did these scammed at yespandora get PayPal approval as sellers? Bottom line avoid yespandora like you would avoid covid@

  12. Total scam. Order placed 4/10/20 now 6/8/20 never received. Tracking shows shipment unavailable and still in China. Attempts to “contact them” has been unsuccessful and difficult to even find who to contact. No response.

  13. Yes I ordered grease monkey nitrile gloves lg from them. I took a long time to get a package from them when I opened it it was a box of vinyl med size gloves china brand. I replayed back to the email confirmation notice. Got online to check how to contact them . It was the same email address I had be replying to. I have had no response back . Resent the same email asking for a return to sender and refund. No response.
    I paid 35 dollars for a box of gloves that cost probably 5 dollars. Thanks yes pandora will not likely recommend.

  14. Same for Bounty mega paper towels but I did get email reply with a tracking number. Stayed in China airport for over two months and then set paypal on them. Yesterday I got a package of fake Buonty (the way they spelled) that was a duplicate of Bounty paper towels in miniature….12 half rolls TP size good for garbage only. I have set paypal on their email address once again. Will see what happens.

  15. Do not buy from these people. In mid April I ordered 12 rolls of jumbo Angel Soft toilet paper. After weeks and weeks of waiting and emailing I filed a claim with PayPal who investigated. I finally received 10 minimal rolls of toilet paper on July 8th. A total rip off company and I’ll bet if I hadn’t gone through PayPal I would probably not have received a thing.


  17. I also was hit by this Bounty paper towel scam. Their “return policy” is that I must pay for shipping, but of course the cost of shipping the fake “paper towels” back to China would exceed the entire cost of the order, and I wouldn’t trust them anyway to refund the order even if I sent it back. (They might claim not to have received it, or to have received it damaged, or whatever.) I wrote asking them to refund me for the difference in value between what I paid for (Bounty 10-pack, $25.99) and what I received (counterfeit-brand toilet paper, likely value about $1), but they refused. I opened a dispute resolution case with PayPal, hoping for the best.

  18. A note on the Bounty paper towel scam: they will ask you to return the item within 14 days for a refund. This is not legally possible (from the US), because it is illegal to send counterfeit goods through the mail, even to return them. This could be helpful information to get the charges reversed, through PayPal or your credit card company.

  19. Do not order from yespandora. Warning everybody. I ordered 12 rolls of bounty paper towels. First of all, took 4 months to get it and arguing with PayPal to get reimbursed. Then I finally got them 4 months later and it don’t say bounty and the rolls are tiny, no joke. More like half rolls of toilet paper. Email me at and I will sent you a pic of what I got

  20. I was caught in same scam! I was desperate and foolishly ordered the Bounty paper towels and, months later, received the tubeless toilet paper! Grrr! I gave up on returning the product which is now sitting in my closet. Has anybody tried using the toilet paper? I don’t even know if it’s even safe to use it.

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