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Yfoy Reviews (Feb 2021) Legit Or Scam | Check Here!

Yfoy Reviews (Feb 2021) Legit Or Scam | Check Here! >> This post will help you in learning about the online store’s legitimacy that sells skincare acids.

Today we will tell you about the ecommerce website that sells essential acids for the skin. The store is placed in the United States and has various expansion plans. Furthermore, you will find good quality and dermatologist-tested and suggested products in the store.

These days’ people are changing their preferences from creams to acids. Due to the pollution, unhealthy eating and stress our skin has to go through a lot. But, no worries as the experts are come up with the solution.

But, Is Yfoy Legit? Let us move ahead to know more about it.

What is Yfoy?

Yfoy is the online store that holds skin-related products. You will find acids in the store that help fight all skin problems like aging, wrinkles, paleness, etc. As per the website about us page, the store is established by popular model Nicole Nurphy on 10 July 2020.  

Nicole knows the real struggle of life and knows how it is essential for every woman to look and feel beautiful. For this reason, she brings out two vital acids in you at reasonable prices so that everyone can afford to buy them.

In these Yfoy Reviews, we will also tell you about the website’s authenticity, so please stay tuned.

You will find two acids in the store, like all-day glow vitamin C+ for day use and hydration hyaluronic acid for night use. These acids are made using quality components to improve the quality of your skin. 

You will get all the detailed instructions regarding the products like how to use it, what the product contains and what it does etc. 

Let’s check out the specifications of the website in these Yfoy Reviews.

What are the Specifications of Yfoy?

  • Website link- https://yfoyco.com/
  • Products- essential acids 
  • Location- The United States 
  • Domain age creation date-10/07/2020
  • Office address- not specified 
  • Email address – info@yfoyco.com 
  • Contact number- not specified 
  • Shipping time- 3-5 business days 
  • Shipping charges- not specified 
  • Newsletter- available 
  • Return or exchange- not applicable 
  • Refund- not provided 
  • Sale- not specified 
  • Tracking link- not specified 
  • Order history- not specified 
  • Guaranty/ warranty- not specified 
  • Payment method- not specified 

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What are the advantages of buying from Yfoy?

  • It is providing quality products.
  • It has provided a detailed description of the products.
  • It has active social media existence where it has gained 4700 followers on its instagram page.
  • It has gained positive customer reviews on its Instagram handle.

What are the disadvantages of buying from Yfoy?

  • It does not hold complete contact information on the website.
  • Its domain name is only a few months old, as it is registered on 10/07/2020.
  • It has gained a 33% trust score.
  • It holds only two products on the website.

Is Yfoy Legit?

Yfoy is the online website that holds skin acids like Vitamin C+ and hydration hyaluronic acid. Both the acids displayed on the website are made using quality components. You can use it as per the instructions mentioned on the website. Furthermore, you can get this product at reasonable prices. 

However, the website is owned by famous model Nicole Nurphy and has gained a 33% trust score. Still, we advise you to check everything from your end as there is no feedback mentioned on its official website, and also it is established a few months back. But, yes, we have found positive reviews on its Instagram page.

What are the Customers’ Yfoy Reviews?

According to our research, the store does not hold any customer reviews, but from instagram, we have found some positive reviews. In elaboration, people said they have purchased both the acids and after few days of application, they have noticed the difference. Still, there are no customer reviews found on its official website, neither has any buyer mentioned anything about the website’s services anywhere over the network.

Hence, we have found limited information regarding the reviews. 

Bottom Line

It is the fact that the site is recently established and has gained a 33% trust score. But it is also true that its offerings have gained positive feedback from its users. Similarly, the site has not disclosed its whereabouts, so, at this moment, it is difficult to conclude its legitimacy.

Thus, we leave the final decision on you and advise you to cross-check everything from your end as there is not much information available.

What is your experience of buying from this store? Kindly post your response in the comments section of these Yfoy Reviews.

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