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Yomaxi Reviews [April] Is It Legit or Another Scam?

Yomaxi Reviews [April] Is It Legit or Another Scam? -> The post will tell you all about a new women’s wear online clothing site. Is it worth your money, or is it scamming you? The post says it all.

We often wonder why we are so attracted to shopping online! Well, the answer is simple: you get to compare multiple websites before making a purchase. Also, checking up on the validity of the online store assures you aren’t duped and get your money’s worth.

An online clothing store that has gained modest popularity amongst women in the United States is ‘Yomaxi.’ Online shopping helps save up time and money too that will be spent on getting to a shopping centre!

This Yomaxi Reviews promises to give you an insight into this women’s wear brand. You must read the post till the end to know if the site is scamming you or if its legit.

What is Yomaxi?

It is an online clothing website that specializes in women’s wear. The products range from dresses and tops to accessories options such as footwear and clutch bags! The about us section of the website talks about the clothing offered being a ‘Reflection of you.” Their goal is to be every woman’s wardrobe and provide the oomph factor that we all need from time to time. 

Yomaxi com brings for you “Glam and Sexy” at affordable prices. You can get yourself a gorgeous Little Black Dress or LBD for $29.99! 

What kind of products are available on Yomaxi? 

This fashion brand offers women a wide variety of fashionable clothing to choose from. The clothing items are divided into the following sections- 

  • Dresses- the selection is mostly body con regardless of the type! The section is further subdivided into mini, midi, maxi, evening, bodycon, printed, long, backless and off-shoulders. All Yomaxi Clothing is made up of polyester blends; this ensures they fit beautifully on your body. 
  • Apparel- this section is further divided into outerwear, tops, pants, bodysuits, rompers/jumpsuits, sweaters and leggings. These too are either made up of 100% polyester or mixed with other materials that promise to hug your curves! 
  • Intimate wear- this is a subpart of the apparel section! You can find bra’s, shapewear and other products such as lingerie adhesive tape. This tape promises to come to your rescue when wearing risqué clothing. Available of $9.99! 
  • Yomaxi com also has a swimwear section that offers one-pieces, bikini’s, cover-ups and even a plus size swimwear collection. These are available in a variety of prints, colour and style choices. 
  • Accessories- this section offers shoes, earrings, beauty, belts, sunglasses and bags. 

Is Yomaxi com Scam? 

is Yomaxi com scam is one of the most searched questions about this site!

  • The website is SSL protected. It means that no third party can access the information such as your credit card details are safe since it is encrypted. 
  • Describes the company that tells us what they wish to sell. 
  • Return address mentioned 
  • “Contact Us’ section provides a phone number- +86 16734849633 and an email id- maryanntoia@gmail.com. These come in handy in case of returns and queries. 
  • The website provides detailed shipping information as well as returns policies. 
  • They provide clear pictures of all the outfits! The images are not pixilated and help give a clearer idea of the fit as well as the design detailing. 

All these factors help Yomaxi com clothing sound nothing like a scam!

Cons of purchasing from the site 

  • They only accept PayPal payments 
  • No specific information is given regarding the products. Some lack the fabric details. 
  • The social media icons, when clicked on, open your social media profile. 
  • No customer reviews available on the website or online. 
  • You could blame no reviews on the store has set up recently.
  • The categories are haphazardly mixed. The broad subcategories are confusing. 

How to purchase products from the website

The purchasing can only be done online off Yomaxi com. They deliver worldwide and depending on which country you reside; they will take about 5-8 days to deliver your package. 

It’s important to note that a $4.99 shipping charge will be made on each order, so it is best to order in bulk! Also, in the case of returns, you should know that you will be refunded through an E-Gift Card or store credit. 

Final Verdict- 

The selection offered by Yomaxi com clothing is exciting and appropriately priced. Now when it comes to buying online, most are usually sceptical, and since there are no reviews to base on. You may feel conflicted! 

However, you must make an opinion on your own after making a purchase! Do share your experience in the comments below.

0 thoughts on “Yomaxi Reviews [April] Is It Legit or Another Scam?

  1. i used it and will never again. my transaction begins with a fake tracking number from someone in china saying theyre located in Colorado. i had to ask for tracking cause i got no confirmation whatsoever which brought me to calling UPS and finding out it was fake. No answers from seller directly or website email. not to mention the phone number listed to call is always off the hook so thats probably fake too. im still waiting for my refund. luckily paypal has my back. i dont usually do reviews but please save yourself the trouble and dont buy from this site.

  2. Paypal could not help me. Ups could not help me and amazon cannot help me. Ordered my product and it got sent to a different address with my name on it. Could never get a response back from yomaxi.com. I purchased from yomaxi against my better judgement and got scammed, ups says that it was sent via amazon and i needed to contact them and could not get a hold of anyone. Who ever is incharge of this bogus site has figured out every loophole so the customer will not have a chance to get the money back. Paypal says they cant help because the package was delivered with proof from ups, ups says that the claim is not being investigated by amazon And the resident of the address also says they did not recive a package at all. If you see a cheaper item on yomaxi do not go for it. You will end up loosing more at the end.

  3. I went through PayPal and PayPal won’t help me even though I never received my item, which was NOT clothing, by the way. It was a HandPan. Nearly $100 STOLEN!!! I’m reporting them to the government FRAUD department. I tried to write them on their website and never received a reply. I have a screenshot of the message I left them, as I emailed it to myself to keep track of the date I tried to contact them. NO PACKAGE WAS EVER DELIVERED!!! What a SCAM! Still reporting them to the goverenment SCAM department.

  4. Definitely a scam. Never received my order or a response to the many emails I sent. They sent me a “fake” package with a hair tie in it to provide a tracking number to PayPal when I filed a dispute. Do not order from them.

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