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yoodays reviews (Jan 2021) Scam Or Not?


yoodays reviews (Jan 2021) Scam Or Not? >> Want to add the latest designs to your wardrobe? Check out this fashion e-store offering trendy apparel.  

Do you want to buy chic, stylish, and trendy clothes and fashion accessories online? If so, then continue reading. We came across many posts from online shoppers on forums asking about yoodays reviews. So, today we’re checking the important aspects of the site to find out if it is safe and secure. In the United States, Canada, and Australia, people often buy clothes online. Ecommerce stores use various measures to attract customers through discounts, free shipping, and reward programs. Though all of these sites appear to be legit at one glance, most of them are scams trying to steal personal data. Read this review to find out if is legit or yet another hoax site. 

What is 

We looked at yoodays reviews and other facets of the site to help our readers make an informed purchasing decision. The website’s parent company is Chicv UK Limited. The address of the company is in Essex. The e-shop is home to a variety of fashionable items ranging from tops, bottom wear, dresses, skirts, accessories like shawls, etc. The website also offers home goods such as cushion covers. The website boasts a massive collection of women’s clothing items. All the products appear to be economically priced and available under relevant categories. The company’s terms and conditions, as well as other important policy-related details, are posted on the site.Let’s delve deeper into the site’s specifications and find out the quality of yoodays reviews shared by buyers. 

Specifications of 

  • Website type -online fashion store for women clothing items
  • Domain’s age – 80 days
  • Shipping time- varies from country to country
  • Shipping fee-  free postal shipping for orders that cost over $129
  • Returns- within 15 days of receiving the product
  • Refund new time mode of payment- 
  • Order cancellation – within 24 hours of placing the order
  • Company address – Suite 31a, Philpot House, Rayleigh, SS67HH, Essex 
  • Company contact number- not provided 
  • Company email ID –

Advantages of shopping from 

  • There are countless options of chic outfits listed on the site. 
  • The products are reasonably priced. 
  • The webshop offers international shipping. 
  • The company’s physical address and email id are listed online.  

Disadvantages of shopping from 

  • There are no yoodays reviews on the forums or popular social media sites.
  • The e-store is newly launched. 
  • The site does not display the icons for social media pages. 

Is legit or not? 

Before buying anything from the site, it is critical for readers to be certain of its trustworthiness. To determine the legitimacy of the site, we checked the information available on the internet. 

As per our findings, the website’s domain has been around for 80 days. Despite being around for more than 2 months, there is a lack of yoodays reviews on forums and review sites. The few posts that we came across are from users calling the site a scam. 

The site shares the address of the parent company and the email id. However, there is no contact number listed on the site. The age of the domain, lack of buyer reviews, absence of social media page icons on the website are troubling signs for the site. Based on these points, we’re unable to call the site legit, as our findings indicate that it could be a scam. 

What type of yoodays reviews are available online? 

We scoured the website to find customer reviews. However, we could not find a single review displaying under any product. So, we took our search elsewhere to determine if the site is safe for online shopping. Despite checking on social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube, we could not locate any reliable reviews, positive or negative. This is a common phenomenon among scam sites. The absence of buyer review paints a terrible picture for this fashion webshop. 

Final verdict 

The website has been a part of the ecommerce market for the last 80 days, and yet there are zero yoodays reviews. Furthermore, the website does not share any social media page links. Though the info about the company’s policies are available on the site, the above-stated points make it look extremely suspicious and therefore unsafe for shopping. We checked all the other aspects of the site. The site is very new, and there are no reliable reviews, and thus it is not safe for shoppingLet us know your thoughts on today’s review. 


    1. This company is not a total scam but sleazy. It appears to be an American or European company but its a Chinese company; nothing wrong with being Chinese; the scam is that the clothes look good on their web site but are cheap – poorly made with very thin, cheap feeling material. If you like what you ordered, no problem but if you don’t, big problem. They say you can easily return or exchange items but the reality is if you don’t like your order you have to pay to return it to China! To start the process you have to email them, then they require a picture of the item, then they’ll start ‘dealing’ with you, meaning they offered me 15% refund and I could keep the junk. They also suggest you can use the refund to have the clothing alternated to fit! Right, like I’d want to spend even more money on this stuff. When I said no they went up to 35% refund or I had to pay to send it to China which would have cost me more than the items. This feels like a hose job as even if I accept a ‘deal’ I’m left with some cheap, junky clothing that I don’t want. Thus the prices are cheap and the clothing often looks nice (as it would) on web site – just know when you order it you are stuck with it if you don’t like it.

  1. Hello,
    I live in Baku, Azerbaijan. I really loved yoodays style. I have just received three items from them. The quality is not bad and they look nearly as good as on their site.

  2. Your product is a misrepresentation to what is advertised – quality is very poor and I will be returning my entire order.

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