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Your Apple ID Has Been Disabled Text (Sep) Learn Truth!

The guide shares details about the Your Apple ID Has Been Disabled Text message scam and the steps to report them.

A new yet dangerous scam targets Apple users in the United States, and it has started making the rounds again to steal Apple ID and personal information. There are different types of scams, but they all work with the same motive.

Apple users receive messages stating that their Apple ID has been disabled for some unknown reasons or unusually sign-in attempts. Users are getting panic because once their Apple ID gets disabled, all services will get barred. 

So, users want to know the message that Your Apple ID Has Been Disabled Text is legit or a new scam.   

What Does Apple ID Has Been Disabled Text Message Means?

Apple devices are known for their most challenging and robust security features. Apple users get a unique Apple ID to access the features and services. But, scammers are now doing scams to steal their Apple ID and passwords.

So, they are frightening the users by sending text messages stating that their Apple ID has been disabled and urging people to click on a suspicious link to enable the Apple ID. As they click on the link, the users are redirected to a suspicious website where they are asked to share their details. The message is primarily targeting the users in the United States. 

Your Apple ID Has Been Disabled Text – Is It a Scam or Legit?

After evaluating the text messages and reading the feedbacks and comments of users, we have found many reasons to consider it a scam. 

  • The text message users are getting is not from Apple Inc, and Apple never sends text messages via social media or text messages. So, it seems to be a scam.
  • The link you receive with the text message redirects you to third-party websites instead of Apple’s website. So, it is another reason to consider Your Apple ID Has Been Disabled Text a scam and not legit.

So, based on these factors, the text message seems to be a scam and not legit. Never click on any suspicious links. 

What to Do If you Get the Scam Text Message?

If you receive any such message claiming that your Apple ID is disabled or blocked, ignore them as they are a scam. If your Apple ID is blocked, you will not be able to access any of Apple’s features and services. If everything is running and up, then the text message you have received is a scam.

  • Your Apple ID Has Been Disabled Text message scam must be reported immediately to the authorities at Apple Inc, and the representatives will take necessary action against the scammers. 
  • Besides, you also need to report the scam to the Federal Trade Commission and intimate them about it so that necessary actions can be taken and prevent scammers from committing further scams.  

The Final Thoughts

Apple Users consider buying Apple devices because of the security system and robust reliability from Apple. But, some scammers are outperforming the technical team at Apple and doing scams to steal Apple ID and passwords of users. 

Your Apple ID Has Been Disabled Text message scam is circulating in America and targeting many Americans. If you are also amongst them, ensure to read the tips on how to protect yourself from a scam and report the scam to the authorities for further action.  

Are Apple users receiving the Apple ID Has Been Disabled Text messages? What steps have you taken to report the scam? Would you mind sharing it in the comments section?

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