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Your Summer Festival Survival Guide

Your Summer Festival Survival Guide: Festivals are finally back in full swing after taking a break during the pandemic. For many, festivals are the highlight of the summer: you get to enjoy the hot weather, dance to your favourite music and hang out with your closest friends. Plus, many of the best festivals are easily accessible by getting trains to London Kings Cross. Read on for your summer festival survival guide. 

What to bring 

For a start, there are the essentials: your festival ticket, tent, sleeping bag and ID are all crucial. If you forget one of these items, then it’ll be difficult to get the most out of your festival. But other items that can come in handy too. If you want to sleep a little more comfortably, you can use a roll mat to soften the ground. Meanwhile, food such as cereal bars and dense fruit can give you energy when you’re flagging. Plus, in case you get injured, paracetamol and plasters can be useful too. Finally, a waterproof coat, a hat and sun cream can prepare you for any swings in the weather. 

How to save money

It’s easy to spend a fortune at a festival – there is usually plenty of exciting food and drinks to buy, as well as clothing and crafts too. The key to saving yourself from overspending is to avoid using your card: keep it in the depths of your bag in case of emergency and instead use cash. On top of this, you should try and limit yourself to one big meal a day and instead buy food and drink to bring to the festival beforehand. 

What to pack

By packing carefully, you can make your festival experience better than ever. For a start, you should have the full array of toiletries that you need to be comfortable. On top of this, you should bring a good selection of clothes. Ideally, you’ll have something exciting to wear during those warm evenings. But it’s also worth packing warm clothes for the night as well as comfortable clothes for when you’re lounging around by your tent before the music begins. 

Tips for camping

If you get the camping right, it can make your festival truly memorable. Make sure you camp with other groups of friends to create a communal area between all your tents. Also, ensure that you avoid camping right on the path or right next to the toilets. Finally, make sure you camp nearby a memorable landmark to help your get back at the end of each night. 

The festival season is always an exciting time. And by following the advice above, you should be set to enjoy your best festival yet. 

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