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Zamazenta Pokemon Go Counters {Aug} Game Zone Details!

Read this article to know more about the recent update on Zamazenta Pokemon and its counter methods. You must know Zamazenta Pokemon Go Counters

Pokemon and Pokemon-related games have garnered massive fame all over the world. Among many games of Pokemon, Pokemon Go is a game that has gained immense popularity among youth and teenagers. The game is a Pokemon adventure voyage game in which the players have to collect various Pokemon from different places in their town it also, involves Pokemon battles.

The game is very popular in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

The game consists of many Pokemon and involves several battles.

In this article, we are going to tell you about Zamazenta Pokemon Go Counters

Read the full article to know more about it

Zamazenta Pokemon

Zamazenta Pokemon has been described as the hero of many battles. The  Pokemon belongs to the Galar region and it has finally arrived in the game. It  is a fighting type Pokemon

This legendary Pokemon will be appearing in the 5-star raids for a week only making it difficult for trainers to catch him.

But no need to worry as further in this article we will tell you how to beat and catch Zamazenta with Zamazenta Pokemon Go Counters

Read the full article to know about them.

Some facts about Zamazenta Pokemon

  • It is a recent addition to Pokemon Go
  • It is a legendary fighting type Pokemon
  • It is a strong and gallant Pokemon
  • Its height is 9ft 6 inches
  • Its weight is 463lbs
  • Its gender is unknown
  • It belongs to the category of warrior
  • Its weaknesses are psychic flying and fairy type Pokemon
  • It absorbs metal and uses it in the battle
  • It had saved the Galar region in the past

In this paragraph, you have learned some facts about Zamazenta Pokemon

Zamazenta Pokemon Go Counters

As promised earlier in the article here is a list of Zamazenta counters:

  • Pokemon Mewtwo with its Confusion and also Psystrike
  • Pokemon Moltres with Sky attack and its Wing attack
  • Pokemon Mega Gengar with Psychic and Lick attack
  • Pokemon Mega Pidgeot with Brave bird and Gust attack
  • Pokemon Metagross with Psychic attack and Zen headbutt
  • Pokemon Rayquaza with its Hurricane and Air slash

All the above Pokemon can be used to counter Zamazenta Pokemon . By using these counter methods you can defeat and catch Zamazenta.

In this paragraph, we have told you about Zamazenta Pokemon Go Counters


In this well-researched article we have told you about Pokemon Go and the recent addition to the game Zamazenta Pokemon

We have also told you about the Zamazenta Pokemon and some facts about this legendary Pokemon

We have then told you about the various counter methods of Zamazenta Pokemon

Now you can beat and catch it easily.

Now we have made your work easier by telling you about Zamazenta Pokemon Go Counters

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