Website Reviews Reviews {March} – Is It A Legit Store?

zandov-reviews Reviews {March} – Is It A Legit Store? >> Read our post to know the answer of this question. Before ordering anything, you must know details of an online store.

More than billions of online stores are available which sell multiple products like shoes, wears, tools, machine, and other products. But what if you want to buy jewelry products? There are many e-commerce companies available based on jewelry products, but their price range is not as low as The website has a wide range of jewelry products.

There are several websites which show the address of the United States but located in China. If you try to contact for a refund or if you want to return the product, they will ask you to send it to China. All these scamsters created a website on their own using software and scam people. If you go and trace their provided address, you won’t find anything there.

It is crucial to know about the website before purchasing anything because they take payment in advance, and there is no guarantee that you will get the item. So, you should be more aware of the website before purchasing it.

Internet business sites are the platform by which you can order on one click sitting in your room; you don’t need to go outside to buy. These offices of the computerized stage have expanded the efficiency and utilization intensity of the individuals. In this article based on Reviews we will discuss about the legitimacy of the site.

What Is Zandov.Com? is a website mainly for women; they sell all the jewelry products and items for women. They have wide ranges of the pendant, stone rings, American silver rings, bracelets, bangles, and many more things. This website is purely dedicated to women.

You can get a necklace, nose rings; ear rings are very cheap price. If you compare the price of Zandov com products with the market price, you will find a vast difference. The products available in the maintains the quality and as the company’s claims.

The company is offering discounts on the purchase of one piece. You can get the discount on per piece. The company is giving a flat 50% discount on necklaces and rings. They have more than thousands of varieties of designer necklaces and earrings. You will not resist yourself by ordering the product if you visit the website. But there are many articles and information about the that the site is a scam.

According to the zandov reviews given by the customers, few of them received the item, but the product has tampered. When they try to reach them, the customer care told them to return the product to their address, which is in China. They will not credit the shipping amount but will refund $4.

Features and benefits (pros and cons of

Like any other website also has its pros and cons, which are:

Pros of

  • On the purchase of four-piece of any product, you will get the fifth product free from company sides.
  • You can get any item at a modest cost as contrasted and the market costs.
  • You can likewise return the product if you don’t like it or got any defective product.
  • You can find a workable pace 60% markdown on a wide range of products.
  • The company is providing free shipping if you purchase any product, which is more than $50.
  • You can also return the product if you didn’t like it. But it should be in its original condition.

Cons of

  • The company has no significant address; if you search the address, it is showing the address of China.
  • There is no external links of the website which cause trust issues
  • Social media presence is low and not up to the mark.
  • The company is using its domain name, which is good, but they don’t have their http server.
  • Few of the customers received the product, but it was found a damaged piece.

Return and Exchange policy

  • Free shippping is for inside the nation if you buy the ware over four pieces.
  • The company won’t acknowledge the arrival request with no receipt.
  • The company additionally takes orders from outside the US.
  • The company won’t affirm the wiping out of your request if it is delivered for the goal address. You need to illuminate the customer care official before the conveyance is finished.
  • You will get a discount if you have obtained any broken or harmed item

Final Verdict

This article is about, which is a Chinese website popular for selling Jewelry products. All the information available in this article is according to the reviews. We found this website unsatisfactory in security and legitimacy. We do not endorse or defame this website in no means; now, it is up to your choice.


  1. I ordered a week ago and got delivery yesterday.. I know it looks shady but they do deliver.. It is a Chinese company and I do believe they reside in California and are wholesalers to other companies.. non English speaking is a good guess.

  2. I purchased from this site and it never came. Sent email to contact person and got no response. My conclusion is scam 100%

  3. This is not a legit company. It is a scam and you will never see the product your ordered or your money refunded to you. Do not buy anything from them

    1. No one is going to receive any merchandise fr these people. They will send you a tracking number and tell you that your package has shipped via UPS but the truth is, that tracking number is not for your package. They somehow find out a tracking number for a package for another person that is being delivered to your city and send that tracking number to you. When you check the status on the UPS website on whether they have delivered the package or not, it will say delivered. THEY ARE SCAM ARTISTS AND YOU SHOULD REPORT THEM ASAP.

  4. This site is a 100% scam!!! I ordered a swing set for my 3 year old paid 100 dollars and it was never sent, I’ve emailed them with no response. DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE!!!

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