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Zebrasea com Reviews (May) Is it a Fake Scam or Legit?

Zebrasea com Reviews 2020

Zebrasea com Reviews (May) Is it a Fake Scam or Legit? >> In this article, you get to read about an online store that sells women's clothing, fashion accessories & other accessories and tools.

Are you searching for a remarkable online store for all your fashion needs?, is here to help you with all your fashion needs.

Zebrasea com Reviews, over the internet, say that this site is new and holds an exclusive variety of womens fashion and accessories.

Now when its about womens clothing and fashion accessories, then it is a must say that the website has gained massive traffic of womens who wants to buy modern age clothing and accessories.

At present, the records is saying that this site is gaining a massive response from the United States, and the customers love the exclusive premium quality products delivered by this site.

What is sells women’s clothing and other fashion accessories. You can also find a wide variety of shoes, bags, bottoms, homeware & kitchen, free tools like camping mats, car travel air beds and other accessories.

As modern age is taking over, the fashion is the priority of everyone around. People want to be trendy by buying stylish clothing and other fashion accessories.

So, if you are the one who wants to match up the pace with modern age and love to shop in a very fantastic price, then you must visit it holds an exclusive collections.

Before making any decision continue reading Zebrasea com Reviews, we have stated necessary details.

Why is unique? has listed premium quality womens clothing, fashion accessories and other tools at very affordable prices.

The site has covered you with dedicated suppliers and manufacturing houses to help you in selection process, and here you will find an exclusive collection for women’s clothing, fashion apparels and other homecare & kitchen tools.

Before proceeding for purchase read out this Zebrasea com Reviews.

Specifications of :

  • Website –
  • Products – Women’s clothing, Fashion accessories, outdoor tools, homeware & kitchen.
  • Email –
  • Contact – (1800) 000 8808
  • Address – N/A
  • Shipping – 1-3 days upon receipt of payment
  • Delivery charges –
  • Order cancellation – Available before the product is shipped or produced
  • Return/Exchange – Within 14 days after the receipt of the product.
  • Refund – Available
  • Mode of Payment – Express PayPal checkout

Pros of buying from

  • It offers exclusive premium quality, trendy womens clothing & fashion accessories.
  • Premium quality items
  • Huge discounts on different items
  • Substantially low prices
  • Shipping to many regions like UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Czech, Europe and other areas.
  • Return available
  • Refund available
  • Order tracking facility available
  • Customer email support.
  • Transparent policies

Cons of buying from :

  • The website doesn’t seem to be original. It is a copy website and holds similar images of products as other websites.
  • Only online payment is available
  • Only PayPal Checkout
  • Cash on delivery not available
  • Return shipping fee
  • Refund is available after deducting delivery and other charges

Customers feedback on :

As already mentioned, that address is not available. Similarly, the customer reviews section is also not available on the website. We tried digging out and summarizing reviews from other websites.

A lot of customers received the items as shown on the site, but some of the customers have received defected items and are not able to return those items.

But to be honest, this website has got both positive and negative reviews. The only complaint customers have about the refund and return policy of different defected or duplicate items.

At last very few of the people who have bought this found the website and its product costlier, Ignoring all the negative reviews it can be said that this website is worth shopping.

Final verdict :

To conclude Zebrasea com Reviews, We suggest going through all the mentioned details on the website. We have written this detailed review for you all so that you can have a better understanding of this website and its pros & cons.

In any fashion e-commerce online store the product pictures need to be original as people reply on that to buy, but this is not the case with this website, the images of the products are copied.

Apart from the odds, this site has maintained its customers base very strong by providing quality products to them at an amazingly affordable price.

Hence, We strongly recommend our readers to check out the necessary details available about this website and make a purchase from this site.

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  1. Big scammers…..i order a pair of iconic shoes on April 24, 2020 and still have not received them nor do I get a response from them for shipping status

  2. Ordered a pair of Birks May 14. Have sent 3 emails. No response!!!!! Haven’t heard anything. They got my money though. I’m beyond pissed! How do you get your money back??

  3. I ordered “birkenstock” sandals and received knock off sandals that are not even close to birkenstock.

    1. I have ordered the same, received them and they are cheap knockoffs and now am having an issue returning them they want me to keep them or try re-selling them. They falsely advertised them as Birkenstocks, I did try to confirm prior to purchasing but apparently they scrub any negative reviews and are vague when asked about wherre they ship from. Would not purchase anything from them!

    2. I am in the same situation and am trying to dispute with my credit card company. They will not accept return of the fake birkenstocks and have said that an $8 refund is the best they can do for me.

  4. I can not contact anyone. It has been months and no items? This is a scam and I’m now can’t seem to figure out how to get a hold of anyone. I’m PIST.

    1. No worry we are here to tell you about the right destination..!!! kindly go for official website for further query…. Thank you

  5. I ordered 2 pair of Birkenstock sandals, received knock offs. Their offers for refunds were $3, $5, $7, $10, and finally $12 and I get to keep the pieces of crap they sent. I was told to either wear them or sell them to someone else. They offered a refund of my $63.58 if I paid return shipping charges of $40 first. BUYER BEWARE!! You do not get what you order.

    1. Leave your complaint on mail id and the team will definitely help to search your placed order until in deliver in your hand… thank you…!!!

  6. I have to agree, this is a scam!!!!
    I ordered 2 pairs of birks on Mother’s Day 5/10/2020 and I’m still waiting. The tracking hasn’t updated since 6/5/2020 that my order as follows…

    2020-06-05 20:55
    Shenzhen, Has Been Delivered by Airline

    2020-06-04 22:55
    Shenzhen, arriving at shenzhen International Exchange Station

    What a joke!
    Lesson learned to the tune of my Mother’s Day gift to myself and $62.90!

  7. Complete scam. I order a name brand item and six weeks later received a piece of crap. When I contacted customer service they refused to refund my money. Don’t be fooled like I was.



  10. This is a scam! I ordered Mayari Birks (2 pair) and was sent cheap, plastic crap. Ordered May 17 and received late June. I disputed through PayPal, only to be told at the post office that return shipping To China would cost $58. I paid $62 for two shoes. Such a rip off! I wish I could upload pics of what they sent as “Birkenstock”.

  11. Same as nearly everyone-ordered 2 pairs of Mayari Birkenstock sandals-after months of waiting and back and forth e-mails finally received cheap crap. Again, same as others tried unsuccessfully to return, offered $6 refund which never materialized. Very disappointed but guess I learned my lesson. PayPal was no help to me either.

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