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Zyshome com Reviews [July] Is It a Fake Scam or Legit?

Zyshome com Reviews [July] Is It a Fake Scam or Legit? -> In this article, you will be able to understand the details and the information related to an online web page providing various equipment.

Are you looking for a website that provides you with the tools for household use at a discounted price but not very sure whether it is legit to buy it or not? Then you have landed on the correct page. 

This page is where you will get all the required information about whether to shop from here or not. The Zyshome com Reviews states that the web page is hard to identify as a secure web page since there have been no user reviews on the page. However, the domain is not blacklisted so far, and the popularity is quite low, with no ratings in the feedback or reviewing tools. The website looks to be a very new online web store, and hence relying on such a web page could be a concern.

The online web store here come some power tools, home, and gardens products, innovative products related to kitchen and home appliances. It also comes with huge discounts with a detailed description of the products and a perfect overview of the product. It also comes with some exclusive deals and with the assurance of complete safe payment mode. This website is no different in many ways from other accessible online web pages in the United States.

What is Zyshome Website?

This online web page comes with some high quality and innovative products. The website comes with a shipping method through various modes of transport. 

It takes about three days for the delivery to happen—the defective items of the website under the return and refund policy. 

Specifications of the Zyshome Website.

  • The website comes with a good percentage of discounts for various products
  • The products in the online web page comes with utmost quality as mentioned in the web page
  • There are some codes in the web page that shows the coding inaccuracy
  • For tracking queries, you can drop an email at contact.brevilleespressomachine@gmail.com
  • In case of any questions, the customer or consumer can contact via email in this billing.chiccobravo@gmail

Pros of Buying Products from Zyshome Website.

  • Online mode of payments are available.
  • The online web page offers discounts on each of the products.
  • This page provides detailed information on the product pages.
  • It comes with all the required cautions and desired information about the products.
  • It comes with a wide variety of products and categorized under relevant categories.
  • The web page comes with features that ensure accessible and user-friendly pages.

Cons of Buying Products from Zyshome Website.

  • Some unknown pages in the respective pages, some HTML or false pages
  • There are discrepancies in the fonts of the tabs of the website.
  • There is no standard physical address for the inventory, warehouse, physical or virtual offices.

Is Zyshome Website legit or not?

The online web page comes with some inaccurate links and malicious external links. Also, the web page has some discrepancies in the fonts and capitalizations. There are huge discounts and invalid contact details. By adding all these details, it is clear that this information is not valid, and the website does not seem legitimate.

What are people saying about Zyshome Website?

There are no customer reviews directly on the web page, which affects the authenticity of the online web page. As per the various Zyshome com Reviews website review tools, the information and the links in this website are not legitimate, which may lead to discrepancies. The site may lead to some issues for the customers in the future.

Final Verdict

This article concludes that this online web page has some of the false information and may lead to discrepancy issues on the web page. The website, although it comes with a secured link, seems to be a very new domain and, hence, questions its authenticity. The online web page comes with external links that are false and direct to some inaccurate pages of the social media pages. 

In addition to this, there are substantial discounts for each of the products of the website. The web page also offers only a single payment that is a concern. It comes with few font inaccuracies and specific font issues that further makes the matter all the more valid. Such a website is quite suspicious to use. Also, the address in the map of the website hostage does not match the address of the web page.

0 thoughts on “Zyshome com Reviews [July] Is It a Fake Scam or Legit?

      1. The same happened to me. I have never gotten my product and they will not return my email or phone calls!

  1. The website is FAKE. I placed an order and the confirmation name was Tran Van Trung. I believe that is Vietnamese. When I placed order and funds where taken I received a tracking number. When I looked it up it said order was delivered 2 days before I had even placed the order. The website is %100 FAKE. Don’t buy from them. Also everything like the invoice comes from a fake yahoo account.

  2. I believe it is a fraudulent site. I placed and order and got a tracking number that shows the product was delivered 4 days before I ordered it. I’ll update when I get resolution from PayPal and or the authorities.

    1. Hey Bill,
      This is Mike. I got my resolution back from paypal. They denied my claim said the package had been delivered. The day I placed my order, 6-3-20, tracking number said it was delivered 6-4-20. Guess I’m screwed. Good luck to you.

  3. Definitely fraud. Tracking number provided goes to different person and place. Package is never delivered to appropriate address. Within minutes I knew I got scammed, but had to wait to make sure. Felt stupid for even placing my order, but I was distracted and had let my guard down.

  4. It is a scam. I ordered Breville coffee maker from them on 6/24/20. The next day, I received shipping update from the seller that provided a UPS tracking number…..from a package THAT WAS DELIVERED to me the previous day, and it was from another seller!!

  5. Yes, I had a disappointing experience. They offer products much cheaper than competitors. After Purchasing I received a tracking the next following day. On the day of delivery I did not receive my package. I called UPS and they said the tracking was under a different name with a different address but same zip. I also checked the shipping weight and it was lighter than what my package should have been. I wrote to the customer on Paypall and I was refunded my amount. There is many red flags. I will not buy again from this website.
    $67.15 was refunded on June 26, 2020 .
    Paid with
    You’ll see “PAYPAL *VOTHANCHUNG” on your card statement.
    Have you received this order?
    June 26, 2020, Sent by UPS
    Status: Shipped
    Home Appliances
    Transaction ID
    Seller info
    Nguyen Hai Tiep
    Invoice ID
    Purchase details
    invoice #17656
    Item #B00DL7QDS2

  6. Definitely a fraud. The business address, 9822 5rd Ave, New York, NY 10062, has a typo (5rd Ave?), but even if it’s “5th Ave” it is a park. Their “Contact Us” email address support@zyshome.com returns undeliverable. They don’t give a phone number. Their “Leave Us A Message” form says they’ll reply in 24-48 hours via email, but the form doesn’t ask for an email address.

  7. i also was scammed for a Makita table saw. the tracking number went to south dakota (im in Kauai) and also says it weighed 1 pound. What are my chances of getting money back through CC fraud dept? anyone know?

  8. Hello – Warning, in line with the other comments, this site is a scam. The online order process goes smoothly with prompt initial order confirmation and tracking information. The only payment option is paypal. The UPS tracking number I received was valid, but the ship date, delivery date and weight of the package did not match my order. I opened a case with paypal, and it was closed without investigation because a tracking number was provided by the seller. I could not find a way to reopen or appeal the case and have opened a claim with my credit card company.

  9. I have the same experience as everyone here. I ordered a B&D drill and impact driver set . Walmart was out of stock and I saw it for a couple bucks cheaper here. I ordered on July 4th and it is still showing processing, but my CC was charged. Likely not going to get this item. Will try to take it up directly with the merchant or my CC provider, if needed.

  10. Why is this site still up or not “black balled.” Total scam. They have figured pay pal will deny claims if there is a tracking number showing any delivery anywhere anytime. Happened to me in early June. Filed claim with pay pal. They obviously don’t really do any investigation. Just denied my claim because UPS tracking shows delivery. Even though it was to someone else the day I placed the order in my city. Really disappointed in Pay Pal. Do not order from this site!

  11. Scam site. Why is it still up? They have figured out if there is any tracking number given showing it’s a completed delivery pay pal will deny your claim. So here it seems is what they do. You order an item from them you will never get, they immediately compete the transaction and supply you with a tracking number for a package already delivered. (mine was UPS for a package in my city) and right then I knew it was a scam. What is more troubling is I immediately filed a claim with pay pal to immediately stop the payment and after waiting a MONTH, PayPal denies the claim because the package according to the tracking number was delivered. BIG PROBLEM PayPal. You can’t talk to anyone at PayPal and they are not providing any customer service or even reading the information provided to them in their customers claims! I’m more angry about pay pal slack of any protection or recourse than Zyshome obvious fraudulent web site that I had a weak moment and got fooled by.

  12. I think it is a SCAM . I ordered a DeWalt Hammer Drill for $81.00. The package was delivered two days before I purchased it!!!! UPS said the package weighed 65 pounds and on the web site it weights 2.5 pounds. I hope PayPal can refund my money! I will let you know when I find out.

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