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270 Shop Scam (Dec 2021) Is The Website Legit Or Not?

270 Shop Online Website Reviews
This post will offer you data about the newly launched shoe site, including all important details as well as ways to determine whether 270 Shop Scam or not.

Do you want to buy a new pair of footwear? People can freely benefit from comfortable shoes. Choosing footwear from a reputable brand is often a good idea, as the improper Pair can trigger a slew of leg issues. The best quality is constantly maintained by major brands Worldwide.

As we all know, it is mandatory to evaluate Is 270 Shop Scam or not while making an order from this platform. 

Is 270 a Scam Site?

As in the instance of online purchasing, the first move in ensuring safety is to verify the validity of the purchasing platform. Finding the following data becomes quite critical if the website lacks vital info, such as this website.

  • Domain Age: The site’s 270 shops registered on 02-11-2021, indicating that it is still relatively new.
  • Trust Score: The site includes only a 1% trust score, which is terrible. 
  • Alexa Ranking: The site has recently developed, so it lacks popularity. Hence, it received a poor Alexa ranking in the industry.
  • Customer Testimonial: On the sites like Quora and Reddit, we failed to find any 270 Shop Reviews.
  • Copied Content: There is no genuine content on the webpage.
  • Official Address: The Location of the platform’s headquarters is publicly posted
  • Policies: On the internet, rules are absent such as the exchange & return rule.
  • Social Media Presence: Here on the website, The icons of social media is present. But these icons will not take you to the company’s site. 
  • Owner’s information: During our investigation of the online platform, we discovered that the office is present, but no owner info is present.
  • Crazy Discounts: The site has no discount for now.

As a result of our analysis, we could not find any information that would confirm that 270 Shop Scam or not. Therefore, we must look through its sections to learn about its reputation. 

What is 270

It’s a portal that allows you to order online. Its product includes the most up-to-date sports shoes from well-known brands like Nike at a lower cost. They also carry a large selection of Nike sneakers for various sports.

Oddly, the site is selling Nike sneakers for less money; therefore, we’ll need to examine all of the pointers to identify if the site is legitimate or not. Let’s have a look at some specifics to find out more on 270 Shop Scam or not.

Specifications of 270

  • Website URL-
  • Domain Registration Date – 02-11-2021
  • Product Offering- Nike brand shoes
  • Email Address –
  • Contact Number – Absent
  • Portal Location – 128 LIN Rd, Pottstown, PA 19464, USA
  • Delivery Days – Under nine days
  • Delivery Charges – Unavailable
  • Return Policy – Absent
  • Payment Method – Paypal
  • Refund Policy- Absent
  • Social account presence – Available 

These analyzed pointers will assist you to know the legality of the website. 

Before moving into the feedback section, We must know the pros and cons of the site to save ourselves from scams. 

Pros of buying from 270

  • While analyzing 270 Shop Reviews, We found that a size guide is available to assist clients.
  • There is a large selection of shoes on the site.
  • Worldwide shipping is available.
  • The webpage employs SSL encryption that guarantees that we are buying on a secure network.

Cons of buying from 270

  • There are a few policy specifics that are lacking.
  • There is no phone number provided for speedy customer service.
  • There is a single payment method provided.
  • The website offers contradictory and perplexing data.
  • The reputation of the webpage cannot get estimated because it is not visible on social networks.

Customer Feedback on Is 270 Shop Scam?

For new e-commerce sites, user testimonials are perhaps the most crucial component because they can make a huge difference to their firm. Strangely, outside of the 270 shop webpage, there is no record of any single comment. 

On social media, no one has acknowledged the portal. As a result, we cannot recommend purchasing from this website until the consumers have proven that it is genuine. Click here to know how to Get Your Money-Back from Scammers. 

Final Verdict

Each data regarding the website selling Shoes demonstrate that it is untrustworthy. Yes, 270 Shop Scam because it lacks all of the specific policies and that there is no guarantee that the goods are genuine. Read here to know how to get your lost amount through a credit card.

Have you ever made any purchases from this site? Then comment below your viewpoints.

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