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5 Letter Words With Aul (June) Check Detailed Reviews

The guide shares details of Wordle #368 to help players find the 5 Letter Words With Aul.

Do you enjoy playing the web-based puzzle game Wordle? If you play the renowned puzzle game, you might know the answer to Wordle #368, released on 22nd June 2022. The worldwide players are searching for the right five-letter word to answer the Wordle #368.

The puzzle game releases a new riddle daily, giving players six chances to solve the mystery question. There are clues available, and one can easily find the right five-letter word to answer the daily puzzles. 

Puzzle #368 urges the players to guess 5 Letter Words With Aul.

What are the Words Containing AUL?

After evaluating online, we found many five-letter words containing AUL in the beginning, ending, and middle. However, finding the right answer to the riddle #368 is a real challenge for the worldwide players. So, a list has been created below to help players find the right answer. 

  • Aulas 
  • Aulic
  • Aulls
  • Aulds
  • Aulos 
  • Auloi 
  • Sault
  • Baulk
  • Cauls 
  • Shaul
  • Miaul

These are some of the words containing AUL. However, the list may not have the right combination of words to answer the riddle #368. So, you have to use the below clues. 

The Clues to Find 5 Letter Word With Aul!

If you know how to play the web-based puzzle game, you are probably aware that you can find the answers quickly with online clues and hints. So, a list of clues is created below to help you find the right combination of letters to find the five-letter words containing A, U, and L. 

  • The five-letter word and answer to riddle #368 is an adjective
  • The word contains no duplicate letters 
  • The word contains A, U, and L
  • The word is used to describe unpleasant and very bad experiences  

Based on these clues, the answer for #368 is AWFUL. The list of 5 Letter Words Ending With Aul doesn’t have the answer as the answer is AWFUL, and the letters A, U, and L are placed differently.

Why are People Searching for Words Starting with AUL?

Wordle #368 urges the players to guess a five-letter word containing AUL. However, the letters A, U, and L are not placed together in the beginning, ending, or middle. So, it creates confusion. Players must guess the five-letter word that contains these letters. 

So, all players started searching for the list of 5 Letter Words Starting With Aul without knowing that the answer has these letters, but they are not placed together.    

The answer to riddle #368 is AWFUL, and the word contains all three letters, A, U, and L, but in different places.


The Wordle Puzzle released a question on the 22nd of June 2022 where players are urged to guess a five-letter word containing AUL. After releasing question #368, all players started searching for the list of words containing AUL. 

However, the puzzle urges us to guess the 5 Letter Words With Aul, and the answer to the question is AWFUL. The word contains AUL, but in different places, not in the beginning, ending, or middle. So, you must not get confused.

What is your answer to riddle #368? Please share it in the comment section.   

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