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A Melee Weapon With Damage Wildlife (Oct) Details Inside

This article discusses the task, A Melee Weapon With Damage Wildlife, which is part of a quest in the online game Fortnite.

When talking about the most prominent, famous and successful online games, Fortnite certainly comes to mind. The game has established itself as one of the leading online games that generate user traffic. 

One of the many reasons behind Fortnite’s success is the engaging gameplay and the quests that come along occasionally. For example, another recent quest in the game has made A Melee Weapon With Damage Wildlife trending.

Users in the United States are interested to know more about this task and the related quest. If you’re also among such users, keep reading this article as we’ll reveal all the relevant information.

Introducing Fortnite

Epic Games developed this online video game that was released in 2017. The game has become an enormous success within a short time of its release. The game generates millions in user traffic and also makes billions in revenue.

The game has been dubbed a cultural phenomenon in the United States and elsewhere by experts and players. A Melee Weapon With Damage Wildlife is a task in a quest in this game.

What is the Dire Quest? 

  • Dire used to be a battle pass skin in the game, but now he will become a non-playable character, NPC.
  • He has brought a new quest with himself, the Dire Quest.
  • The quest has a punch card quest line which consists of several tasks.
  • Our query concerns the second stage of this quest, where players have to damage wildlife with a melee weapon in the game.
  • Players need to find and talk to Dire before completing this challenge.

A Melee Weapon With Damage Wildlife 

  • Players need to perform some tasks to complete Dire’s quests.
  • First, players need to find and accept this quest from Dire, who can be found at Camp Cod.
  • The first task is to emote at the Lockie’s Lighthouse, Weather Station or the Fort Crumpet. 
  • After completing this task, the second one is the trendy query of damaging wildlife with a melee weapon.
  • Fortnite only currently has a pickaxe as a melee weapon. Other weapons have been vaulted.
  • To complete the task, you can hit any wildlife like wolves, bears, birds, etc.
  • For A Melee Weapon With Damage Wildlife task, some wildlife like raptors are dangerous while others like boars and chickens are relatively easily damaged.
  • In the game, wildlife usually spawns in several locations.
  • Weeping Woods and the corrupted zones are considered the ideal places for finding wildlife.
  • Players will have to move on to other tasks after completing this one to finish the quest.
  • Read and learn more about Fortnite here

The Final Verdict        

A new quest has landed in the Fortnite game. We have mentioned the relevant information about a related trending query above. 

What do you think of the Fortnite game and this quest? Kindly share your thoughts on the A Melee Weapon With Damage Wildlife task in the comments box.

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