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Aceatate Reviews [May 2020] Is the Store Reliable?

Aceatate Reviews 2020

Aceatate Reviews [May 2020] Is the Store Reliable? >> In this article, you have read about all the necessary information about the site.

Getting dressed up and having functional dinnerware is something we look for our use.

Aceatate club is a site providing you with all the stuff related to your dressing and dining sets. The customers of the United States are enhanced with the products aceatate website produce here.

In this aceatate review, we have shown all the queries of the customer and also revealed that is aceatate club legit, or is it a scam?

What is an aceatate club?

An aceatate website is the site that sells the product that fulfils the demands of ladies. The range of products varies from tops, jeans, sunglasses, watches, dinnerware, etc. at a very reasonable price. 

The goal which we set for us to make our customers happy and fulfil their demand is very high, and we try our best.The policies which we decided here made by keeping all the basic needs of the customers and their comfort zone.


  • Website –
  • Phone no. – +12054947844
  • Email address –
  • Address – 3893 Research Park Dr, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108
  • Refund – within 30 days
  • Return – within 15 days 
  • Shipping – 3-4 days
  • Delivery time – 1 week
  • Payment method – online ( credit/ debit)

Is the aceatate club legit?

Being stuck in the scam is what we use to worry a lot nowadays. But the work and promise we make here is free from fraud. We provide you with all the details of the website, which make you trust us. We value the emotions of our customers, and the safety here is the priority we set for you all.

Is the aceatate club legit? The answer is yes, the website is legit, and all the products are safe and good quality stuff. 

The website does not ask you for card details which will keep you safe from all the problem that drags you towards the online scam. But the details we collect are harmless and never shared with anyone. The policies will make you trust us. The Gift cards delivered through mails all the guidelines given to redeem them.

Aceatate club worth money?

Aceatate website provides you with the best deals with huge discounts and reasonable prices. The arrangements are excellent as compared to other sites, and the production done here is approachable. No site provides you with such deals and discounts, but the motive we offer here is just to increases the feedback of the people. The production of all the products has a long-lasting life, and the team takes proper care of the finishing of the dinnerware. Aceatate review has shown the ability that we have for the work.

Pros of aceatate club

  • It is easy for users to order
  • Return of products is available
  • Gift cards are also available

Cons of aceatate club

  • Only online payments
  • Delivery of product takes time
  • Extra shipping charges  if the wrong shipping address is charged if given

What customers have to say about us?

The feedback given by the customers made us delightful and encouraged us to expand the range of products. Those feedbacks state that they love our products and happy enough. There is another fantastic option of a refund when it seems to a wrong delivery as well. The signature of the customer plays a vital role in finishing the whole process. We also ensure our customers to deliver their items at the given time as well.

Extra charges applicable for wrong shipping cause the problem for customers, but it rarely happens as we collect the proper information during the placement of order. We have disadvantages and advantages. Both have the same response to your feedback showing us the difficulties that give us the courage to improve in all manner. We also appreciate the love of the customers. The response gives the surety for the query is aceatate club legit.

Final verdict

The article reader had to get to know all the information about the aceatate website. We have been unbiased through out the feedback; all the drawbacks and advantages are clear in this review. We suggest you select the perfect place for shopping and keep yourself safe from the scams. The aceatate website is getting a fantastic response from the users. Get yourself updated with new stock produced here. As we say, you cannot satisfy each and everyone in this world, so the decision is in your hand. Use an aceatate website and also mention your feedback.

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  1. I order a exercise bike and I found it on Aceatate at an unbeatable price. I should’ve known it was too good to be true.
    After more than a week, I contact them wondering why I didn’t get confirmation of shipping or anything. They responded with a tracking number that my item had arrived already IN MY MAILBOX.
    Im not crazy, not only did I not have my bike I also knew there was no way it it fit into the mailbox.
    So I went to my mailbox and strangely I had some weird masks inside of a opened ziplock sandwich bag from China.
    I went online and checked my bank on when I ordered some masks for 20.00. I couldn’t find the transactions and I through them in the garbage.
    I went to the post office with the manager and explained how my tracking said my bike was delivered. He showed me a image of what was delivered and it was those nasty looking mask from China!!!
    I showed Aceatate my original order that clearly showed I paid for a bike. Not only are they hesitating to give me my money, they are now suggesting a partial refund and process fee and shipping fee.
    THIS IS A ILLEGITIMATE COMPANY and a practical joke.Before I ordered, I saw that they had a Alabama phone number and a Michigan address. Nothing about China but I wish I read more reviews and comments. BE CAREFUL!

  2. This can be a topic that is in close proximity to my heart… Many thanks! Just where are the information though?

  3. Terrible customer service. Unable to get in touch with them in any way. Phone number is not a working number and flags as potentially fraudulent. They do not respond to emails. Big RIP OFF as far as I’m concerned. Waste of time and money.

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