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Actcri Shop Scam {June} Read Complete Customer Reviews!

This article provides every detail about the website products, which helps conclude whether Actcri Shop Scam or Legit. Follow the article to know further.

Are you looking for electronic gadgets and other equipment online? Do you like shopping online? Then this could be the site you are looking for. This amazing shopping website was designed in the United States.

So in this article today, we will look into every detail of the website and further detail on the products and their credibility to know whether Actcri Shop Scam or Legit? To learn more, follow the blog.

Is Actcri. Shop a legit website?

Here customers should look into all the information about the webpage before getting to any conclusion listing down some of the pages to decide on their worthiness:

  • Existence of Domain: No information about the presence of the domain is found.
  • Percentage of Content Copied: The percentage of copied content on this site is 0%. 
  • The rank of Trust: The trust rank of this webpage is very bad is about 1% 
  • Global Alexa Rank:  The rank on Alexa is around #3285333
  • Details of Developer: As per Actcri Shop Reviews, the website does not provide any point about the web developer.
  • Real Location: 2834 not harper terrace, Peoria, Illinois is its company’s location.
  • Social Site Account: This web portal is present on Facebook tweeter and Instagram.
  • Policies and Conditions: The webpage has created different pages for its policies and conditions.

What is Actcri. Shop?

This is quite a versatile shopping portal dealing with various products such as electronic gadgets, furniture, sports items, and other things. The website is designed beautifully, and the quality of their products is quite durable, but as this is an online portal, there can be fraud, so people wish to know Actcri Shop Scam or Legit?

Key Steps to Analyze:

  • URL of the Portal– Actcri.shop
  • Website Date of Existence – No information about the existence of the domain is found.
  • Website Date of Expiracy – No information about the domain’s expiry is found.
  • Email Facility– support@actcri.shop
  • Location of the Company– 2834 not harper terrace, Peoria, Illinois is its company’s location. 
  • Period of Shipping- No information on shipping policy is present. 
  • Free Delivery Facility– It does not provide free delivery services.
  • Facility for Standard Shipping-  No info on Standard shipping is present. 
  • Founder Detail- The website does not detail the web developer to know whether Actcri Shop Scam or Legit?
  • Social Site Account – This web portal is present on Facebook tweeter and Instagram. 
  • Contact info.– No details on contact number is present.
  • Return Facility – The website provides a return policy of 30 days.
  • Refundable Goods– It provides refundable services for its products. 
  • Exchangeable Items – The website offers an exchange facility.
  • Charges on Return – The customer has to pay the return charge.
  • Non Refundable Items- Perishable goods, personal care goods and custom products are not refundable.
  • Modes to Pay– Paypal, Master Card, Visa.

Positive points for concluding Whether Actcri Shop Scam or Legit?

  • It has various social media accounts.
  • It offers multiple modes of payment.
  •  It provides exchange policies.
  •  It has shared its Email ID for better customer support.
  • It has mentioned its office address for customer convenience.
  • It offers a return policy on its products.

Drawbacks of Actcri. shop –

  • It does not share its owner name, which is required for an online shopping portal.
  • It has not mentioned its phone number for customer support.
  • Its existence and lapse date are not available.
  • It has not said its shipping policy.

Actcri Shop Reviews:

There are no customer reviews and ratings on their website to prove that the site is legit. But the website is available on various social media platforms while the Global Alexa Rank of this Webpage is around # 3285333, which puts a doubt on the worthiness of the shopping site. Here buyer has to follow – How to Get a Refund on Paypal, If Scammed

Summing Up:

The website does not have much experience, so it has few buyers. The website has a very bad Trust Score. While the site has various social media accounts, it lacks customer review and feedback, which imposes a doubt on whether Actcri Shop Scam or Legit? 

The above article shares every detail about the website and concludes on its worthiness. This site is a Scam, so buyers should remain very careful with such a web portal. Moreover, the buyer should also follow – How to Get a Refund on Credit Card, If Scammed

Have you ever faced a Credit Card scam? Comment your thoughts.

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