Airbnb Kiev Scam (March 2022) Check Relevant Facts Here!

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Do you want to know about the Airbnb Kiev Scam and if it is a scam? Then, read ahead and get the details regarding it from below.

Are you aware of the news that is popular regarding Airbnb? Well, you can know about the news through the information that is provided below.

The scam is reported mainly in United States & the United Kingdom, and there are reports on money being taken from PayPal or the bank accounts.

It is seen that Airbnb Kiev Scam has scammed a lot of people for the reservations they didn’t make.

What is the news about?

The news is regarding Airbnb and the reservations that the people have recently started to make with the platform. Unfortunately, several people have been charged for the nonrefundable reservations, and the users have even reported effects on the existing accounts.

But, Airbnb confirms the allegations that there might have been, but they have isolated the incidents, and the Airbnb platform makes no compromises. Moreover, the systems are robust, and a team constantly strengthens security.

Airbnb Kiev Scam helps know that the company spokesperson Charlie Urbanic mentioned in an email that the users were affected and scammed through phishing emails.

However, it is seen that some accounts were compromised with the login credentials, but the Airbnb team resolved the case in which three non-refundable reservations were made in Kiev.

The hacker canceled the reservations and even deleted the account within 2 minutes. After that, the account was not accessible, and the lade Alice asked for help from the Airbnb team.

However, the following day, Airbnb resolved the issue, and the refund was made to her.

Important points regarding Airbnb Kiev Scam:

  • There are a lot of users who use the site to book reservations.
  • Multiple of them have faced an issue recently and have reported it as a scam.
  • Also, another lady Racheal Sheerin from North Carolina, mentions that some changes were made to the charges, and her account was also deleted. She said this through an email interview.
  • Moreover, she was charged three times from her credit card with $1500 after this account was deleted and was not accessible.
  • When she tried to access the support center, she could not as the account was deleted.

Views of people on Airbnb Kiev Scam:

Going through the details on the internet and the comments of users on Twitter who previously booked reservations with Airbnb shows that the scam is genuine.

Many users were scammed, and they tried to access support through the app but could not. But the comments on Twitter made the Airbnb act and made refunds for those who suffered the scam. However, the users mentioned that they would not use Airbnb as it is challenging to contact them.

The bottom line:

So, many users have reported the scam and the lack of response from the Airbnb site. Therefore, Airbnb Kiev Scam is genuine.

Have you been scammed online ever? Then, do share your experiences in the comments.

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