Among Us 2021 Update Download (Jan 2021) Some Facts!

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Among Us 2021 Update Download (Jan 2021) Some Facts! >>This article introduces you to the changes done in the recent update of Among Us.

Are you also one of those Among us Fans? If yes, then you too might be eager to know the changes in the new update. This article about Among Us 2021 Update Download will give you the details about all the recent changes made in the new version. This game is accessible by the people Worldwide, and also, they can enjoy the benefits of the same.

The game is the biggest hit in 2020 and also the most played one. InnerSloth develops the platform, and the recent updates also fix some bugs.Read the article till the end to explore all the new facts and changes.

Among Us 2021 Update: 

The developers have made some visible changes in the game. These changes include new colors, new roles, and some new modes, making the platform more interesting for the players.All these changes will thus contribute to making this platform the big hit continuously in the upcoming year.This game can be downloaded for free for iOS and Android users.

What all are the changes done?

A real game enthusiast can notice the changes very quickly as they are easily visible. Some of the changes in Among Us 2021 Update Download include:

New Colors:

Four new colors are added in the update. These colors are Sapphire, Gold, Army Green, and Turquoise. These colors help the players differentiate themselves from others. Earlier, there were only 12 of them, which are thus increased to 16 in this update.

Friend List:

This version also allows the Add Friend option. It says that you can add your friends with whom you want to play the same. It also gives the option that you can chat with the teammates.

Increased Team Mates:

Earlier, the platform only allowed to play the game between 4-10 players, which is now increased to 15 in the recent update. This means that now you can club with 15 players for the game.

New Roles:

New Roles are also added to the game to make it a more exciting platform. These roles include Captain, Security Roles, and also include some new modes.These all were the changes done in the Among Us 2021 Update.

Customer Reviews:

We can say that the reviews for this game are mostly positive and in favor of it.Players are thus happy and satisfied with the new option added in the game. They appreciate the Add Friend option and the feature where they can now club with more people.

Final Verdict:

The game has witnessed some hacking problems earlier. This means that hackers could easily hack the platform and play illegally. This restricted the genuine players from playing the same, but we can say that they have improved their policies in this update.Among Us 2021 Update Downloadthis makes it now challenging for the hacker to enter the game.

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