Among Us in Real Life Sus Sus (April 2021) Let’s Know!

Among Us in Real Life Sus Sus

Among Us in Real Life Sus Sus (April 2021) Let’s Know! >> Have you been a music lover and adore Among us? Read this article to know about the trending song 2021. 

Are you excited about the lyrics and music of the new song? The official music video of the popular game has been surfaced on the internet. Rebecca Zamolo is the singer of the song and has launched the song on Among Us in Real Life Sus Sus is trending these days in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdomand Canada

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About the Music Video

The song is available on Spotify, JioSaavn, YouTube and others. Rebecca Zamolo is the artist of the song. Rebecca and her friends decided to launch this song to win a particular challenge. The song has lyrics about the imposter as well as identification of sus. The song has been recently uploaded. It is an animated song with lyrics of purpose and substance. 

About Among Us

Among Us is popular as a multiplayer game the song of which named as Among Us in Real Life Sus Sus is famous these days. The game is plated between 10 players who have to get dropped into an unfamiliar spaceship. The game has a perfect planet base and sky headquarters. All the players have been designated with an isolated role of impostor and crewmate. It is an online social deduction game that is played between several players. The playmate can be an imposter and crewmate. The users can play the game online or on local Wi-Fi. The players can play this online game with their select friends.

This game is set on the spaceship where Crewmates and Imposters have to complete the task. 

Among Us in Real Life Sus Sus games’ availability

The game is presently accessible on Android, Windows and iOS. The game is free on iOS and Android, with in-app acquisitions. On Windows, the game is attainable at Steam Store for Rs 199. You can easily search the game on the particular apps stores and then get it downloaded very easily. The game includes some micro-transactions on PC as well as mobile.

How to play Among Us?

It is simply a survival game, where the player has to complete the tasks and vote off the imposters. The imposter has to kill the crewmates and top the crewmates to perform the assigned tasks. 

The specialty of Among Us in Real Life Sus Sus 

The interesting part of playing the game is using manipulation and falsehood to win. Kids playing this game have to understand that it’s merely a game wherein, after a lie, they can win, but in real life, they have to be true. 

Another imperative part of this game is the discussion that occurs through a text chat. In case the player is plating with strangers, the names are often inappropriate. Chat between the stranger players is unmoderated. The game features a language censor to evade inappropriate language. Some players make use of discord or some other video and audio mediums. 


Among Us in Real Life Sus Sus is a song that has been trending these days for several reasons. The official video is related to the game Among Us. This online game enjoys over 90 million downloads on several platforms. Rebecca Zamolo is the artist of the official music video of this game. What are your opinion on video and games? Please write to us with a free mind. 

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