Among Us Lock Screen Android (Nov) Explore its Featires.


Among Us Lock Screen Android (Nov) Explore its Featires.  >> In this article, you explored live wallpapers for Android phones, which are easy to create!

Do you want live wallpapers for your Android device? Many Android users Worldwide are excited to make live wallpapers for their lock screen. Among Us, the online game is gaining popularity and has attracted many players in every country.

Among Us is a simple game with no requirements of high-configuration systems. It is not as easy as it seems to be for players.  

This article will provide you with all the details you are thrilled to know about Among Us Lock Screen Android.

What is Among Us Lock Screen?

Among Us game, which is about space, and the players are crew members. These members need to protect themselves from an imposter who cal kills everyone. 

The game, which provides crack and tricks to unlock various pets and skins, has now introduced Among Us Lock Screen Android.

Users of Among Us can set live wallpapers on their Android phones. Besides, massive numbers of videos are available on social media platforms, which the users can set wallpapers on their Android phones.These wallpapers can be used for Among Us Lock Screen.

How To Install Live Wallpapers?

Among Us, users can get live wallpapers for their Android phones. These live wallpapers are amazingly beautiful. Every video is getting a large number of shares and likes. Viewers Worldwide are excited to learn to set wallpapers on their Android phones.  

These live wallpapers can be installed by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • You can install any video editor on your Android device through the Android app store. There are free apps, such as kinemaster, viva videos, etc.
  • Open the video editor, and start a new project with a vertical screen ratio of 9:16. Select a space background image in .png format.
  • Now select your characters in the game and pets to this live wallpaper for Among Lock Android.
  • You can also add animation and rotate them. Rotating will look like your character floating in space.
  • Make a proper sequence to show rotation.
  • Add your favorite or catchy quotes.
  • You can also edit the text in the live wallpapers.

Your live wallpaper is ready for your Android phone. It is effortless and quick to make Among Us Lock Screen Android by following these steps.

Customers Reviews:

Among Us game has become popular in recent years. It has attracted several players around the world. Users who are playing the game are very excited to get live wallpapers for their Android phones.

Many users have tried and made Among Us Lock Screen Android. They are recommending their family and friends to play the game and create wallpapers for their Android devices.


Among Us game has introduced live wallpapers for its users. The game in which you can get pets, skins to upgrade your online character has now come up with a lock screen for Android phones.The live wallpapers are enthralling. Hence, we are pleased to reveal the new Among Us Lock Screen Android feature. 

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