Among Us Twitch Pet {Dec 2020} Read For New ‘Twitch’!

Among Us Twitch Pet 2020

Among Us Twitch Pet {Dec 2020} Read For New ‘Twitch’! >> Want to know about the new feature added to the Among Us, read above & understand various details.

Are you aware that now pets can also be included in the Among Us? Well, read the content below and know about how this feature can be used.

Among Us Twitch Pet is a feature that is added to the game lately, and for the first time in this game, players will have access get a pet free through a twitch.

This feature is available in Among Us game Worldwide. We all know that the Among Us game is viral and that it is always a good idea to blend with some other characters in the game.

The players might need to pay for the pets, but through the twitch feature, it has become easy as it won’t cost the players anything.

To know about this feature in detail and how it can be used, the players should read ahead.

What is the Among Us Twitch Pet?

The Among Us has added a new feature in the game called the Twitch. By using this, the players can unlock any pet that they wish for free till the 18th of November.

This is a promotion of the popular game, and the pet can only be accessed till the rise continues. The Twitch logo will be following the players wherever they go around in the game while completing their tasks and killing players.

If the player dies in the game, the pet will stay at that position for some time, mourning the player. 

To know how to unlock the Twitch, the players should read ahead.

How to use the Among Us Twitch Pet?

  • To claim this feature, the players need to link theirs Among Us game with the Twitch account.
  • For this, the players need to open the game and then click on the gear icon. It will lead to the settings menu.
  • Here the players have to click on the Data tab. The twitch option will be present at the bottom right corner. 
  • After clicking on it, the players will be taken to the Twitch, where they are required to enter their username and login.
  • Before claiming the Twitch feature, they need to watch the streams for 30 minutes. But the game should be of the updated version too access Among Us Twitch Pet, and they can unlock the pets for free.

Views of people on this:

The players Worldwide can easily access this feature. They find this feature to very suitable as they get a companion in the game. Also, as the part can be accessed on Pc, android and iOS, therefore it is awe-inspiring.

The bottom line:

We see that Among Us is a trendy and liked game, which several players is around the world are playing. The new feature is fantastic and brings more adventure.

Thus, we recommend the players to access this feature before 18 and play with a pet. Do leave your comments on our information on Among Us Twitch Pet.

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