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[Updated] Angelina Chaves Torres: Find Current Facts on TWITTER & Instagram Media! Check Wikipedia To Know Her Biography, Boyfriend & Obituary Details!

In this article, you will learn about Angelina Chaves Torres and her personal life. Also fine about her tribute in the movie Christmas With You.

Do you know who Angelina Chavez is? Why are people Worldwide looking for her? Online movie platforms are creating a major impact on the recent generation. People prefer binge watch instead of going to the movie theatre to watch movies.

Recently Netflix has been one of the prime online platforms where you can see lots of documentaries, movies, and web series. An upcoming movie ‘Christmas With You’ trailer shows a true picture of Angelina Chaves Torres. People went curious to find out how this person was related to this movie. 

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Brief Story 

A new Netflix movie released on 17 September shares special heart-touching credit in the ending. This tribute is dedicated to Angelina Chavez, the mother of the writer and producer of the movie German Michael Torres.


Brief Story

The movie consists of multiple roller coasters, emotional moments, and a family preparing for Christmas. But somewhere, this movie is connected with the writer’s personal life. So, in the end, he gave tribute to her beloved mother, who passed away on 25th July 2020.

Angelina Biography

Angelina was born on the second of October 1938 in Arizona, USA. She used to live with her parents, Octaviano Duran Chavez and Soledad Romo Chavez. The couple had 11 children, in which there were eight boys and three daughters.

Angelina was one of 11 children and married to German Torres. The couple lived for around 50 years. German Michael Torres is one of Angelina’s sons, the writer and producer of the Christmas With You movie. Recently due to unknown reasons, Angelina passed away on 24 July 2020. She was 81 years old and had six children and 8 grandchildren.

Angelina Torres Obituary Details

Obituary details are not available for Angelina. However, his son German Michael posted heart-touching images of her on her Instagram and other social media accounts. He also expressed his feelings about the pictures uploaded on social media.

Her family and colleagues gave her a ceremonial tribute on 5th August 2020. 

Full name Angelina Chavez Torres
Age 81 Years
Date of birth 2nd October 1938
Parents Octaviano Duran Chavez ; Soledad Romo Chavez 
Cause of death Unknown
Date of death 24 July 2020
Children Six

These are a few Wikipedia details of Angelina Chavez.

Social Recognition

When people find out about Angelina Chavez, multiple posts are available on Reddit and Facebook regarding her death. It is a mystery that his son and family reveal no information about how she died. By looking at the special credit and tribute at the end of the movie, we can surely say that Angelina is a major part of this movie and an inspiration to his son.

There is no social media account of Angelina, but you can see her pictures and post on the Instagram account of German Michael’s Instagram handle. Along with the movie’s promotional poster, you can find many tribute stories of her mother on his Instagram posts. 

About German Michael Torres 

German is one of the top film creators who work on multiple projects for Netflix. His latest release on Netflix, Christmas With You, was heart-touching when he gave a warm tribute to her mother. Besides that, you can find other personal information on his Instagram handle.

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One of the top releases for Christmas on Netflix, ‘Christmas With You,’ gained good viewers accumulation. The heart-touching story and tribute to the lady who is an inspiration for the writer greatly impact the audience.

How did Angelina Chavez die? If you know the reason, comment below.

Angelina Chaves Torres: FAQs

Q1 Where did Angelina Chvez die?

There is no information available on the internet about where she died and how she died.

Q2 When did the movie Christmas With You movie be released?

The movie was released on 17 November 2022

Q3 How many Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren did Angelina have?

Angelina has 8 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Q4 Whom did Angelina marry?

Angelina was married to German Torres.

Q5 Is there any character available in the movie whose life is based on Angelina?

The movie did not contain any character based on Angelina’s life. But the movie script was an inspiration for the writer based on his life with his mother.

Q6 Does Angelina have a Boyfriend?

There is no such information available.

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