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Ways In Which You Can Make Most Of Apple Search Ads

Apple search ads are used by a lot of businesses to connect to their target audience. In this way, they can show their ads to the most relevant people and market their products properly. When a user enters a particular keyword in the Apple store, this app guides them to the businesses that are most relevant based on the keywords.

There are approximately 20 million iOS developers on the platform, which led to a very tough competition between the brands to rank higher on the search results. Therefore, it is very important that you know how to use Apple Search Ads.

What Is Apple Search Ads?

In simple words, it is a marketing tool that is used by companies to improve their visibility in the Apple store. The person that pays the most gets their ad placed highest in the list according to their preferred set of keywords. Therefore, by making an effective Apple search ad, you can put your app at the top of the list, making it more exposed to people. However, you need to do thorough research and bid on the right keyword to be able to convert users to the platform. 

Moreover, marketers get two options in Apple Search Ads – Apple Search Ads Basic and Advanced. You can choose any of these depending on your budget and usage. 

How To Best Use Apple Search Ads 

Apple search ads are indeed the best thing a marketer can ask for on Apple App Store. However, there are certain ways in which you can maximize your lead generation using this feature. You need to ensure that your Apple Search Ads are optimized, and voila, you are in complete control of your ads campaign. Some of the ways in which you can best use Apple Search Ads are as follows:

Analyze The Metadata Of The App

It is important that you analyze the metadata of your app, which can be accessed from App Store content, and optimize it before planning a new campaign. The creatives that will be created for the campaign will reflect this metadata, and it cannot be edited after the start of the campaign. Furthermore, you need to keep in mind that all the users that are searching the keyword might not see the same ad. So you need to add variants by adding some screenshots, a description of the ad, and also some short preview videos. 

Create Keywords Around USP

By having keywords that relate directly to the USP of your product, you are increasing the chances of people viewing your ad. For instance, the USP of a fitness app may be that it can count your daily steps, or it can plan your daily meal. So, in this case, it will be a wise choice to use keywords like “ Step counter” or “ Diet Planner” in your ads. So if the user searches for any of these features, your app will pop right in front of them. 

In addition to it, try to be very specific with your keywords because it will not only make your app stand out in the crowd but will also save you from competition around generic keywords. If you are not sure whether your keyword is unique or not, try running keyword research on the internet for it. 

Try Using Both The Kinds Of Match Type

Match type is a functionality that allows users to match your ad when they search for a keyword. There are two types of match types that Apple Search Ads uses, one is a broad match, and the other is an exact match. The exact match, as the name suggests, will only show your ads to the user if the keyword matches exactly with the one that you used in your campaign. While the broad match feature allows users to see your ads if the search term is related to your keyword in some way. 

So it is clear that a broad match gives more exposure to your ads and increases the chances of them being discovered by the right user. Therefore, you should enable both of these kinds of match types while launching your ad campaign. 

Spread All Over The Globe

You can use Apple Search Ads to show your campaigns in more than one country or region based on the similarities between them. Furthermore, this feature lets you optimize your ad based on the attributes of the region, such as their language and consumer needs. Therefore, you need to analyze where the demand for your app might be and then optimize your ad campaign for those countries. 

These are some of the ways in which you can use Apple Search Ads to expand your business by making your ads visible to the right people. In addition to it, if you optimize your Apple search ad in a better way, then you will be able to top the charts in every search.

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