Are Roblox Display Names Out (April 2021) Check Here!

Are Roblox Display Names Out (April 2021) Check Here! >> Read this article to know best about a new feature of a trending and popular game which has led everyone to be excited.

Are you a Roblox Fan? Were you waiting for display names to come out too? We have the latest news about the Roblox display names and don’t worry, our article will help you know everything.

No matter where you are, whether in the United States or the United Kingdom, everyone has heard about Roblox.

Read our article briefly to know the answers to your queries like, Are Roblox Display Names Out?  and for everyone?

What is Roblox?

Roblox is an online multiplayer gaming platform and game creation system. The game has over 199 million monthly active users, and the graph is going up every passing day. The display names are a feature that lets you have any desired name along with your regular username. 

This feature of display names was removed by the developer long back, as some people misused it by faking their identity right after the feature was launched. Let us now get straight to the point and answer the most awaited question.

Are Roblox Display Names Out 

The Roblox Developers had an announcement on Feb 9th this year regarding the display names. They confirmed that the display names are returning and will soon be out globally.

Having almost 200 million active players, it is very difficult to launch any big update at once and for all. The developers have to test and verify. So as of 14th August 2021, the developers have started another limited test on some active players. They have assured us that the feature is on its way and will release soon. 

Difference Between Display Names and Username

Now that we have seen what the developers had to say and confirm that there Are Roblox Display Names Out, let us distinguish between display and usernames.

  • The username is unique, and no two people can have similar usernames. Whereas, Display names can be whatever you wish them to be. 
  • Changing your username costs a thousand Robux equivalent to USD 12$. Whereas changing your Display name will be free of cost, and you will be allowed to change it once every week.
  • Your display name will appear in the player’s list, chats, or over your character’s head. Username will be your true identity and can be seen in your profile.

Limitations on Display Names

Now that we saw how Are Roblox Display Names Out, let us see the limitations.

  • The Display names will also have some limitations and will have to clear some filters for security.
  • Once changed, you cannot change your display name for a week.
  • The display name’s length should be between 3-20 characters.

Also, there might be limitations on naming your character over any famous person due to political and past reasons.


The display names are indeed coming back in Roblox. People are too excited to get this feature as most people used undesirable Names at the beginning of making their account to enter the game. 

Are Roblox Display Names Out in your region? Comment below.

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