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Aut Trello New Universe (Sep 2021) Get Character Details

This guide features the recent updates in Aut Trello New Universe, its upcoming map, events, new releases and the concept of the new universe.

Do you want to know the complete rework of AUT Trello? The new universe is a complete rework or rewrite of the God Damn online game and is yet to release.

Will everything in the God Damn game, will change? Is it Trello’s new universe? So many queries are coming up in the minds of players Worldwide

This article is a guide to let the Roblox users know more about Aut Trello New Universe and its updated information.

Is everything changing in Trello’s novel universe?

The complete rework or the new universe to the well-known God Gamn game.  It is since all aspects of this online game would be changed, fixed, and improved.

However, it would be impossible to rework the complete game in two to three months. However, the team updated that it has completed the majority and the best of the substantial work quickly.

Hence, players should keep patience and get ready as the new universe of Trello is updated and released.

The upcoming update is World Requiem Rework, and VQ would be remodeled and renamed the Oblivion Killer Queen.

What is Aut Trello New Universe?

It is A Universal Time or AUT Roblox game, launched back in 2018. It was created by the efforts of Jojo Bizarre Adventure of Hirohiko Araki, the n=most notable series of Manga.

The Universe Time Studio, the gaming company, developed A Universal Time or AUT, and its creator is Kur Dev. The AUT’s characters are teleported to the portal, which is similar to a black hole. The portal’s color is bright with a yellow hole at the center, allowing the characters to enter a completely new universe. 

Besides, SIXER Company has completed the animation artwork for this Roblox game. It is an adventurous game where players Worldwide will battle against each other. 

These players would farm distinct objects and acquire several treasure chests. However, the recent updates of Aut Trello New Universe commenced on August 23, 2021, after verifying and testing.

So, it would be best if you stayed tuned to learn more about AUT Trellos’ Universe.

What are the updates in Trello’s AUT or A Universe Time?

The updates of A Universe Time or AUT are as follows:

  • DTW, JSP, SP TW, and SP Rework
  • D4C
  • Game modes
  • Weather Report
  • Reaper and Shinigami Remodel
  • Naruto 9 tails Spec
  • Ben10 series’ Omnitres would be like Goku.
  • Introduction of TLOK’s Amon in the online Roblox game.
  • Jujutsu Kaisen’s Gojo Satoru Spec would be like Goku with improved combat moves in Aut Trello New Universe.

However, there are several changes in the game’s map, as stated by several players over social media platforms. Players also need to check Do robux generators work or not. 

Final Verdict:

The compete AUT or A Universe Time is reworked and remodeled to enhance this new online Roblox game.  

However, the AUT team would be updating more features. Also, find additional interesting facts about Trello’s new universe of AUT. Please leave comments on Aut Trello New Universe in the end.

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