Babyface.s Tiktok Real Name (July) Let Us Know Here!

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Babyface.s Tiktok Real Name (July) Let Us Know Here! >> If you want to confirm the news of the TikTok star’s death, read the article below as it shares detailed information about the same.

TikTok has grabbed the attention of millions of people all over the world and especially in the United States. Are you one of them? Several people have achieved the celebrity tag with the help of this platform. 

Are you curious to know about the real name of one of the personalities of TikTok?

So, this article will share the details about Babyface.s Tiktok Real Name and the reason for being this name in the news. Stay tuned.

About Tiktok: Why Babyface.s got Famous?

Tiktok is the famous platform that has helped many people to earn fame in the last few years. The application allows you to make videos and share your talents.

Similarly, Babyface.s did; his dance videos and content have earned almost 1.2 million followers. He started making the videos in 2020. Also, one of his videos was viewed almost 200,000 times, and people appreciated his efforts on social media platforms.

What is Babyface.s Tiktok Real Name?

Babyface.s is the account name, but his real name is Matima Miller. He was born on 26th December 2002. He was also known as Swavy and held almost 2.3 million followers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

The famous influencer’s videos are viewed 3 million times. But recently, the news of his shot dead has created lots of curiosity within the fans to know its truth.

Death of Matima Miller

Damaury Mikula, his friend, shared the video to confirm the news of Matima’s death. He was killed on Monday, 5th July, 2021, and someone shot the victim. After knowing Babyface.s Tiktok Real Name, people are searching for the reason and details of the incident.

According to the news, Matima was shot near the 700 block of Elbert Place in the morning. But as per the sources, the culprit is not yet caught by the police. The case is under investigation.

What is the Reality behind the News?

The family of Matima or Swavy did not confirm the news of his death. But the police have confirmed that the case is under process, and people having any idea related to it are free to inform the police. 

One video confirmed the news of being killed. Later, people searched for Babyface.s Tiktok Real Name and showed the pain and condolence on his videos and posted comments on Twitter. 

Closing Thoughts

Babyface.s uploaded the last video on 1st July 2021. Miluka was the person with whom he created the video, and later, he just cried out to share the emotions with the fans. For more details, you can also stay connected to the news updates.

The news channels and other officers are reaching to the family to confirm the news. And sad fans are were also looking for Babyface.s Tiktok Real Name after his death.

Have you watched his videos of great dance moves? Please share your feedback related to him and recent news in the comment section below.

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