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Babylifelike com Reviews {Dec} Is It Fake Website Or Not?

Babylifelike com Reviews 2020

Babylifelike com Reviews {Dec} Is It Fake Website Or Not? >> Website offering realistic dolls, read article to find out whether such dolls is made or not!

Babylifelike com Reviews; childhood is all about dolls and toys; it’s like playing with an object that looks human but is not. But not all dolls look realistic; some look so fake that even your kids won’t consider it a doll.

Do you want to know where to find such realistic dolls? Are your kids crying for a doll that they saw online that looked so real that they only want that?  Cheer up! As you’re on the correct article, you will find all your answers. 

The website has been gaining immense popularity in the United States. Continue reading as the article will also reveal whether Is Babylifelike com Legit.

What is the Babylifelike com Website?

Here we will be discussing a website that claims to offer reborn dolls that look like an actual human baby. 

The website Babylifelike com website is an online retail web-store that offers dolls that are made of silicone material and look realistic for your kids to cuddle and play. The website claims 100% satisfaction for the buyers.

The products are affordable as per the company, and also the dolls last long enough for years to come. Let us know to see the specifications of the website.

 Specifications via Babylifelike com Reviews

  • The website is an online web-store that provides realistic dolls.
  • The website can be accessed via
  •  The web-stores shipping policy has mentioned 2-3 weeks. 
  • The standard worldwide shipping, including the United States, is charged $10. 
  • The website has an exchange policy that can be available only if the items are found defective and not due to personal reasons.
  • The website has not specified anything definite on the cancellation policy.
  • A defective product or a broken product is eligible for return policy by submitting a support ticket and a clear picture of the product.
  •   Refund is available if the company cannot exchange or replace the product; refund can be accepted with 7-10 business days.
  • There is space for Babylifelike com Reviews.
  • The website has provided a customer service email address, which is
  • For more personal quires phone number is also provided, i.e., +1 2029258083.
  •  The company’s physical address is visible on the website, Room 111&112, Block-A, Weigu Xinxing Industrial Park, Bantain Street, Bell Road, District Longgang, Shenzhen.
  • The website accepts PayPal, and at the moment, another mode of payment is received.
  • The website was created on 15th August 2020.

Pros of buying

  • International shipping is available with a minimal shipping fee of $10.
  • Customized dolls are also available.
  • A considerable amount of discount is available.

Cons of buying 

  • Babylifelike com Reviews mentions the website is too young to purchase. 
  • The pictures used are copied from somewhere else and are not real.
  •  Only one type of payment mode is available.
  • Return shipping fee is deducted from the buyer’s pocket.

Is the website legit?

The reviews on the official website have all right and full star reviews; all the customers sound happy with their products. But are studies from the website trustable? No, they are not supposed to be considered as they can be bots.

In this paragraph, we will know in detail about the actual reviews, so let’s continue to figure out whether Is Babylifelike com Legit. Firstly, whenever we come across too good to be the appropriate website, we always consider checking the comments section reviews. Mostly the newly launched websites have fake reviews so never trust them. 

What are people saying about the Babylifelike com website?

There are no reviews about this website on the internet, but the website has provided social media links. For a three-month-old website, social media posts are limited to only one, which indicates no promotions what so ever.

Hence, the website seems suspicious, and trusting this website can be a mistake.

Conclusion on Babylifelike com Reviews

With this, we conclude that determining any legitimacy at this point can be too soon. We have provided you with crisp details and the website indeed has some loopholes. So we recommend waiting for some time and let some reviews appear about this website to determine anything further.

If some buyers still want to go for this website, proper planning before a purchase is advised to the consumer. Please comment on your views about this website and also mention your favorite childhood toy!

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