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Basholo Reviews {Feb 2021} Is It Another Scam Website?

Basholo Reviews {Feb 2021} Is It Another Scam Website? >> Check the legitimacy of a website selling various products to buyers & find it is legit or not.

We have Basholo Reviews, which will show a website where people can find various products to complete their daily needs.

As the Internet is growing, people from Canada, United States are taking more interest in online shopping.

This helps save your time by keeping yourself away from standing in the massive traffic and the lines of the offline stores and then making a selection moving here and there.

So numbers of websites are coming every day producing the products for the people so that people can hassle-free make any shopping from there.

But authenticity is the main factor towards any site.

We will see Is Basholo Legit or not to make your choice whether you will shop from here or not.

What is the website about?

For the past six months, the website is available to the people of Canada, United States who are looking to shop for various products like electronic items, auto accessories.

The website also caters to men’s fashion. A popular product is the B3 Real Shearling Sheepskin leather jacket on the off-season discount available on the website.

One can shop for a smart watch, portable Bluetooth speaker, telephoto zoom monocular telescope, Bluetooth player, and many more varieties from the Electronics section.

The Basholo Reviews auto accessories section shows the wheel cover, car scratch repair Nano spray, car seat covers, and many more varieties.

Let’s see the specification of the website.

Specification of the website:

  • The website’s age is 2nd July 2020, which means it is six months 17 days old.
  • The URL is https://www.basholo.com/.
  • The website payment method is only PayPal.
  • A fourteen-day return policy exists on the website, but if the customer has any issue from its side and raises the request, the customer must bear the shipping fee.
  • The email address available on the website is support@theuolo.com.
  • The website offers fast shipping and 24×7 customer support. 
  • The physical address and contact number is not available on the website.

Pros of the website for Basholo Reviews

  • The website deals with the variety of products.
  • On the official website, various positive customer reviews are present.
  • The website provides free shipping over dollar 50 orders.
  • Website claim itself to be a factory outlet shop.
  • The website has a separate newsletter section for subscribing to the news updates.
  • Track my order link is also provided on the website to check for the status of the order.

Cons of the website 

  • Information like physical address and phone number is missing
  • No social media links are present on the website.
  • The trust score of the website is just 1%.
  • Customer reviews are not present on any reliable sites.

Is Basholo Legit?

While checking for the website’s legitimacy, we have to consider many facts and check whether the website is suitable to shop or not. 

Considering the facts related to the website where we find the incomplete about us section, no contact us details are available. the website’s trust index is inferior by 1%. the website age is six months old, but there is no promotion or social engagement available for the website.

The official website shows humongous positive reviews from the customers and reliable external websites that are no Basholo Reviews available from the customers.

The single payment method is also making us feel that the website is suspicious, and we cannot regard this website to move ahead.

Customer Reviews 

When we searched for the website’s customer reviews, we find that the official website carries many positive responses from the buyers. Still, on the other side, when we search for genuine customer reviews on the Internet, we are left with empty hands.

There is no connection between the buyer and the website in terms of customer reviews, and the website has no social handle as well where we can find any thoughts or feedback from the buyers.

Final verdict 

The website’s final verdict on Basholo Reviews is that it is six months old but has not shown legitimacy. The trust index is inferior, and the customer reviews are not available. The website has missing information, which guides us to a dubious and highly possible scam website.

We do not advise our buyers and readers to move further with such a website so that you shall not become a victim of this.

Kindly share your opinion or comment in the section below.

17 thoughts on “Basholo Reviews {Feb 2021} Is It Another Scam Website?

  1. I ordered a Off-season discount]: Aviator Bomber Jacket B3 Real Shearling Sheepskin Leather × 1
    Brown / L $89.99 two weeks ago, received a email back confirming my order and said will notify me when shipped. A week later I have received no email with shipping info, I have emailed them 2 times with no reply and I have tried to contact them no phone no messages only by email and they do not respond. I have cancelled my order in a 3rd email and contacted PayPal and my Credit Card company informing them of this transaction and asking them to investigate it and charge back to give me a refund.

    1. I was one of the fools that actually placed an order from Basholo for the B3 Bomber Jacket they had advertised. I ordered the jacket from Basholo and I will strongly advise anyone from purchasing that jacket from that company. First, the reviews posted on the Basholo company website show only positive reviews, however, after I placed my order and tried to content customer service on order status with no responses I found through digging that there exist far more negative replies to Basholo than the company reflected. I sent the company notices that if I did not have status updates I would cancel the order again with no response. After a long period of time at least two months and numerous threats to cancel, they sent a notice that the item had shipped. During this period I found an identical item for sale by another company for the same price (here in the United States) and ordered it. I received that within a couple of weeks and still had not received the jacket I ordered from Basholo. Well miracles do happen and I eventually received the item ordered, it was in one word CRAP. The jacket was cheaply made with the fleece lining falling out as I open the package it was in. The jacket is unwearable, (unless you want to take a lint brush with you to clean off the heading fleece from your clothes. Bottom line all DO NOT ORDER the jacket from BASHOLO.

  2. totally scammed ,jacket is plastic garbage, no leather or sheepskin at all,no one is answering text or e-mails. scam scam i am calling facebook to report scam products that they endorse

  3. This site is a scam, just got my order and is a face leather jacket made for plastic and polyester. do not buy from that web site. Thank you.

  4. Reading about Basholo being a scam I was expecting that the jacket I ordered would not arrive.
    Well three weeks after ordering , the jacket arrived ie the leather shearling bomber.
    The jacket is not exactly as shown in the ads but for $89 this is one good deal. The real Mcoy will cost ten times that amount. Fits very well and feels like the real thing.

  5. Yes a scam. I didn’t see your site for legit – scam advise. I bought the “Real Leather Shearling Bomber Jacket” It took 4 weeks to arrive from China (which I did not know at purchase time). The product received was all cheap vinyl material. The site was Basholo and now the site is down. You are correct. Site is a scam. They came back for a short while as “Holo”.

  6. I’m a customer and the jacket b3 bomber style coat with real sheep skin and shearling is a joke. The coat is not worth 5 bucks. Stay away from them.

  7. I ordered the bomber jacket. Got a shipping notice, but always awaiting something to do with China post. Now their website is down. I think I’m got taken for $89.99.
    If it’s too good to be true……

  8. I received my bomber jacket. It is going into the waste basket. It is nothing as was shown and of very poor quality and sheds everywhere. Basically junk.

  9. Yep, it’s a scam. Arrived after 3 weeks from Wuhan China. Wrong size. Not shearling but fake material. After lots of back and forth Paypal is issuing a refund.

  10. Scam. I ordered and paid but no jacket came. Been 5 weeks now and nothing. Can’t believe I got scammed. Site is down too. No way to get my $89.99 back. Expensive mistake. Why can these kind of people never get caught? Isn’t there a government dept to find thieves like this?

  11. Jacket finally arrived ( after PayPal refunded my money back); as I thought SCAM. Jacket is fake polyester with fake wool lining. Zipper is on wrong side. Jacket is sized too small to boot. Came with a ticket attached “ Men’s Fashion Design “ for a third attempt at branding. Basholo, Holo etc. Took the initial picture and tracked down the site they filched it from and bought the actual jacket. Significantly more money but you get what you pay for. Going to donate the Basholo one to a homeless person.

  12. DO NOT BUY FROM BASHOLO!! I purchased one of the Bomber jackets and it is complete crap, cheap Chinese shit. I Ordered a XL and received a 3XL after 2 months of waiting.


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