Bigfishgamessettlement com (Nov) A Real Thing Or Fake


Bigfishgamessettlement com (Nov) A Real Thing Or Fake -> It is a claim settlement launched against Bigfishgames for their unlawful activity.

Are you one of those who played on the BigFish games portal? Is Bigfishgamessettlement com holding onto your curiosity? We covered up the pointers for you here.

Like many other casino-type online portals, Bigfishgames is also one of such gaming portals. It exists for real, but the reviews about it are very confusing and mixed. 

Recently a class action settlement has been launched against Bigfishgames as a lawsuit action for violating some laws.

All those who are who played on Jackpot magic slots, big fish casinos, and Epic diamond slots before legit approval of this settlement are eligible. But for that, only United States residents are eligible.

What is Bigfishgamessettlement com reality?

Well, as per the United States District Court based in Tacoma. A settlement case has been launched against the Bigfishgames company with case numbers 15-cv-00612-RBL and 19-cv-00199-RBL.As per the Bigfishgamessettlement com, the final hearing is scheduled on 11 February 2021 and the claim, exclusion, and objection deadlines are entitled as 04 January 2021.

Many people residing in the United States looking for justice for their lost money against virtual chips provided by the company online unlawfully might reach for justice via shared guidelines.

Some things to know before reaching for a settlement claim:

  • The company claims there was no illegal activity or breach of laws but still has agreed to proceed with settlement to avoid further defamation and other reasons.
  • The person’s share entitlement is further subjected to facts like how much money was invested, how much a person received already or not, and finally upon the total number of settlement forms submission by adhering guidelines of Bigfishgamessettlement com.

Is Bigfishgamessettlement com a real settlement happening?

Yes, the guidelines are shared, and the settlement has been filed via different cases, and even the scheduled hearing is also announced.

So Bigfishgamessettlement com is a valid page with all rules to help all those who lost their hard-earned money via Big fish games.

How are people reacting towards Bigfishgamessettlement com?

Bigfishgamessettlement com appears to be a legal exposure of the unlawful activity of the online gaming company. Who is now entitled to pay back for the scam they might have done.

Although the hearing is yet to take place, and the final verdict will be made in that. But people are hoping to get some of their lost amounts via that settlement.


Bigfishgamessettlement com shares all the details and eligibility criteria to file for the settlement against the company for their law breach.

Although the final verdict will happen in Feb 2021, there appears hope for all those in despair after losing money.But yes, it does not concludes every individual applying for settlement will get money because things will be evaluated as per rules.So another lesson is to be very vigilant while investing in online websites, especially those that appear suspicious in some way or claim to give multiple rewards in return.

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  1. Hello, I have received information about the settlement for Big Fish. I also was contacted by someone asking to help me start the process. I would like to be part of the settlement. Question that I have is do you need bank records. I was sent information that my Google pay, was subpoenaed. I have lost thousands from Big Fish. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you

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