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Bigga.top Reviews [June] Read This Review Before Buying

Bigga.top Reviews [June] Read This Review Before Buying -> In this article, the reviews will give you an insight about the authentication of the website.

What if you can get your swimming pools in your garden or your terrace? The answer to your solution is Bigga.top.

Summers seem to be incomplete without having fun in the swimming pools, bathtubs, and water parks. From kids to adults, everyone likes to lay in pools and get tanned. But not everyone can go to waterparks or afford inbuilt swimming pools in their homes.

Nowadays inflated swimming pools are the best answer to beat the summer heat. A lot of people are using it.

You can get your Swimming pools from Bigga.top. Read Bigga.top Reviews to know about the website and the products.

Bigga.top provides its services in the United States.

What is Bigga.top?

Bigga.top is the company that sells Intex authorized swimming pool sets. Bigga.top is a website that claims to provide quality, value for money to its customers.

They seem to provide a lot of varieties in the outdoor swimming pool. 

They are a newly created website and does not have much customer reviews on their website. The prices of their products are less than the actual Intex swimming pool prices. 

Specifications of Bigga.top

  • Product: Intex Pool Sets
  • Website: www.bigga.top
  • Email: jamesok789@outlook.com, support@oxborder.com
  • Address: Not mentioned
  • Parent Company: Recreation Corporation
  • Shipping Fee: Not Mentioned
  • Returns: Free returns within 90days of purchase
  • Exchange: Free exchange within 10days of purchase
  • Refund: Full refund will be done.
  • Mode of Payment: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal
  • Customer Service Number: Not Mentioned
  • Delivery Time: Not Mentioned

Pros of Bigga.top

  • The site is SSL Certified.
  • They provide a lot of varieties of swimming pools to their customers.
  • They are selling branded Intex swimming pools.
  • Complete refund is offered in case of unsatisfactory results.
  • Returns are applicable for 90 days from the date of purchase.

Cons of Bigga.top

  • In their Return/ Refund section, they have mentioned Shoes instead of swimming pools.
  • Bigga.top has not provided any contact number and address of the company.
  • They also do not have any social media presence.
  • They have mentioned that they have an online presence in the market since 2015, which is fake.

Is Bigga.top Scam?

They are a new website, but they have mentioned that they are active since 2015 till now. They have prices less than the actual cost of the product. They do not have an authentic email address. Also, they have not mentioned any contact number or address of their office.

While making the payment for the products on their site customers are charged more than the prices mentioned. Also, Customers do not receive any of the products ever ordered from the website.

They do not ever send any confirmation or tracking email for the products ordered, nor do they reply to their customers. They have mentioned sneakers/ shoes in their return and refund policies which the website is not even selling.

Customer Reviews on bigga.top

There are not many reviews of the website on the internet as it is a recently created website.

But the email address provided and the irrelevant data given on the website was used in previous other scam and a fraud website.

There are a lot of customers raising questions on the authenticity of the website before investing their money in it. Also, the customers who have ordered from Bigga.top claim to have not received any tracking email ids or confirmation emails for their product.

Also, some of the customers have been charged more than the amount of the product from their cards while making the payment.

Even customers have not received any product they have ordered from this website.

Final Verdict

The site lacked to provide proper contact information. They have not mentioned any contact number or address of the firm. Also, the email address they have given are fake, and according to research, the same email address is used by other fake or scam websites.

The customer’s personal credit card information is also not safe. This information can be used to extract more money from their accounts.

Their selling prices of the swimming pools are way too less than the actual prices of Intex swimming pools.

Also, the site Bigga.top is too new to be trusted with all the fake information given on the website. There is also a lack of social media presence that creates a suspicion in the minds of the customers.

In their Return/ Refund section, they have mentioned policies or conditions for sneakers/shoes rather than swimming pools which clearly shows that this site is fake and fraud. 

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