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Blood Rising Squid Game {Oct} Know Steps To Win The Game

Gaming Tips Blood Rising Squid Game

In this post, we have explained to our readers how to complete the Blood Rising Squid Game by providing each detail.

Do you like to play a variety of online games? Do you want to learn about new maps and locations of your favourite online game? If that’s the case, this article will provide you with information on the recently launched game.

The Roblox Fish Game, formerly Squid Game, has released a new Blood Rising map. Fans of the squid game from all around the world, especially in the Philippines, United States, are keen to learn more about it. So, in this post, we’ll show our readers a guide to the Blood Rising Squid Game map.

What is a Squid Game or Fish Game?

Fish Game, also known as Squid Game, is a recently published game at the largest online gaming platform, Roblox. Squid Game, a famous Netflix series, served as inspiration for the game. On September 26th, 2021, the game was published on Roblox.

Squid Game, the tv show that inspired the Fish Game, premiered this September on Netflix. The show proved extremely successful, and a Roblox game themed on it was produced within two weeks. Fish Game has over 22 million visitors; the video game has emerged into an overnight success. Before knowing about the Blood Rising Squid Game map, one must be familiar with the plot of the Netflix deadly drama series.

About the Plot of the show Squid Game

Squid Game is a deadly death game. The show’s plot revolves around 456 people who are striving financially and are encouraged to enter a competition that will reward a 38.5 million dollar prize to the winner of the game. Those who are removed are executed quickly in a horrifying game.

The Roblox version works in a similar way, with a large cluster of players playing and competing in a range of games to determine a winner.

About the map of Blood Rising Squid Game

Blood Rising is a game level within the Squid Game or Fish Game Roblox. Players need to complete this level of the game to move to another level.

Here is the guide to complete the Blood Rising Map:

  • First, go to the dumpster and not the slab for extra height
  • You have to jump on the red slab after the round starts so that you can save a lot of time
  • Proceed up to the stairs
  • After that, walk through the tunnel
  • When you reach the red fence thing with a square next to it
  • When you see a heart note, jump on the small steps and do the parkour ( while playing Blood Rising Squid Game, parkour skills are very much needed)
  • After the tunnel, do another parkour up to another floor
  • After you read that place, keep doing the parkour until you reach the red floor
  • Keep going to the tunnel
  • After you reach the end of the yellow tunnel, parkour to the red floor
  • Keep going through the tunnels until you reach the end
  • And that’s how to complete the Blood Rising level in Squid Game Enjoy!


Fish game, formerly known as Squid Game, is an interesting game, and players need to compete against various games like blood rising to win the game. Visit the official Fish Game Roblox page  to know more.

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