Bluxair Portable Air Conditioner Reviews (July) Read and Buy

Bluxair Portable Air Conditioner Reviews 2020

Bluxair Portable Air Conditioner Reviews (July) Read and Buy >>  In this article, the legitimacy of the product named “Bluxair,” has been described.

Are you willing to purchase a portable air conditioner? If yes, then you should read this whole article. We are going to introduce you to Bluxair, which is a portable air conditioner driven by ColorfulSense. 

Now you people might be thinking Is Bluxair Portable Air Conditioner Legit? But before getting up to any conclusion, you people must read the article.

Bluxair Portable Air Conditioner

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Some of you always yearned for portable air conditioners. Here is the excellent news that Colorfulsense has innovated a product named Bluxair (a portable air conditioner) that provides pure, fresh, and clean humidifying and purifying the air.

Bluxair is a product associated with the United State. If you people are interested in buying Bluxair, we would advise you to wade through Bluxair Portable Air Conditioner Reviews.

What is Bluxair?

Bluxair is a portable air conditioner driven by ColorfulSense and launched by Guangzhou Mai Zuan Trading Co., Ltd. innovated by the motive of providing pure, mugginess free fresh breeze air. 

Bluxair is an air cooler having a quality of three fan speeds and a multi-directional air vent. It is light in weight and non-sonorous, which provides comfortable sleep overnight.

Bluxair has an efficiency of hydro-chilling technology that trail warm air through an evaporating air-cooling filter and change it into cool, freshening air instantaneously. It is an evaporative air cooler that works up to 24-36 hours per fill. It is simple to use; you have to fill the water tank on the top with water after pressing the power button and relish the cool breeze.

Bluxair Portable Air Conditioner Review

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Specifications of Bluxair

  • Bluxair is – Portable air conditioner
  • Price – 49.99 dollar    
  • For any support related to product reach at
  • Long lasting working hours with efficiency
  • Provides sound sleep and cool environment
  • Contains a heavy motor which has copper wire core for longer durability.
  • Featuring air control mechanism, which enhances the usage
  • Convenient to use
  • Compatible with any place
  • Loaded with hydro chilling technology for cooling efficiency
  • Very light in weight to carrying is easy.

Pros of Bluxair

  • Long-lasting battery life and works up to 24-36 hours only when it is fully charged.
  • Make low-noise, consume less power having brushless motor pure copper wire core. 
  • Have intelligent wind control with adaptable third gear and gives a strong and stable cool breeze.

Bluxair Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

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Cons of Bluxair

  • Air conditioners can cause pneumonia, asthma attacks, and nasal stuffiness.
  • It can cause wooziness and respiratory-related problems if it is not maintained regularly. 
  • Airborne dust and fungi can cause allergies.
  • The usage of air conditioners can cause dry skin problems and mucous membranes. 

Is Bluxair Legit?

Portable air conditioners exist, but Bluxair is only available at an online store named colorfulsense. Neither the website nor the product is linked up with any social media. Colorfulsense is an 11-month-old SSL certified website. They explain the functionality and qualities of the product so well. 

Still, they do not provide any customer reviews related to the product on the site, which makes this product quite suspicious.

Bluxair Portable Air Conditioner legit

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The company’s contact details and address which has been provided on the website are fake; hence if you people ask Is Bluxair Legit? I would say “NO” and suggest you flick through Bluxair Reviews under the section Customers Reviews for Bluxair. 

Customers Reviews for Bluxair

 Reviews of customers related to a product play an essential role as, based on those reviews, a customer can decide whether to buy a product or not. But we are despondent as even after doing so much research and analysis; we were unable to found any customer reviews.

No Bluxair Reviews related to the product named Bluxair have been provided on the website or any social media platform. Therefore we would not suggest you buy Bluxair, especially from colorfulsense if you do so you will be doing at your own risk.

Bluxair Portable Air Conditioner  where to buy

Final Conclusion

The company’s details and address were on the website is fake. No customer reviews were found on the site. They explain the product functionality so well, and an E-mail id for 24/7 customer support has also been provided. If the customer wants to buy Bluxair, the payment can only be made through PayPal, i.e., no other payment mode has been submitted.

The product is not associated with any social media platform, and the absence of customer reviews makes the product doubtful hence the conclusion we made up is that the product can be a scam and you could fall into some trap.

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  1. don’t buy this product. It does not live up to the advertising. Charge only lasted 2 hours; does not cool a room (even with two at the same time); one will not charge now at all …. all in one day of use. Now colorful sense is giving me a hard time issuing a return envelope. It simply junk. And the customer service is horrible…they want a picture or video of the product….doing what… not working?

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