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Boltz Pro Charger Reviews (April) Is It A Scam Or Legit?

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Boltz Pro Charger Reviews (April) Is It A Scam Or Legit? >> Please read this article which deals with information about a website and its services; for detailed information, one should always read the article thoroughly.

Boltz Pro Charger Reviews: Gadgets running out of battery? Can’t carry a million chargers every time you leave home? The solution could be right here, and the Boltz pro charger could make it all easy for you to be deal with your bustling life day today.

A Household in the United States has an average of 10 connected devices to access and 3-4 electronic gadgets handy per person. What if one wants to plug in all their devices for charging and scatters them plugged in separate sockets all around the house? Probably that gets unorganized. So we need an innovative solution to all of this. 

So let us find out Is Boltz Pro Charger Legit or not? 

What is the Boltz pro charger?

Boltz addresses the most encountered problems as a company in its services. The Boltz pro changer is an on the go power bank that would give you thunder like charging speed anywhere, anytime and for any portable device. It charges multiple devices instantly could be needed anytime and would no doubt make the times easier.

It involves just three simple steps: Borrow, scan and charge. The Boltz app is available for android and iPhone, and wherein one can scan and charge their devices. The tripod design is compatible with all devices. 

Reading this Boltz Pro Charger Reviews will explain if the product is legit and whether one should go for it.


  • Website –
  • Contact no. -+1604-214-0239.
  • Email address –
  • Website creation – 2019
  • Shipping – not available.
  • Return –not mentioned.
  • It offers apple MFI Authenticate.
  • Power IQ Speed Charge.
  • Professional Cable Managing System.
  • Information Security.
  • It is available on the apple store or android app store.
  • Built-in Sanitizing Solution.
  • 8 Di erect Safety Guarantee. 
  • Ergonomic Friendly Design.

Pros of the charger

  • It has high-speed charging.
  • Multiple devices being charged at a time.
  • It offers an ongoing charger. 
  • 0% to 100 % charging in just 15 minutes.
  • The product is small and powerful.
  • According to Boltz Pro Charger Reviews, it durable and shockproof cover.
  • It is Apple as well as Android device compatible.
  • It is available in multi-set packs are available that add value to money.
  • The website is two years old. 
  • The website works on a valid HTTPS connection for the security of data and payment.

Cons of charge-

  • The website has a trust score of 27% only.
  • It lacks appropriate information on the website.
  • It does not share any shipping and return and refund details on the official page.
  • It does not share social media account links.
  • The products are not available on any other portal.

Is Boltz Pro Charger Legit?

The website is news, looks very attractive, and the concept is also very new. Still, at the same time, the website lacks various crucial information such as about us information, delicate customer support, the customer review and the location of the various station. Also, the website is relatively new. The security analysis does not give it a good rating. 

From the information, one can say Boltz charger is a scam. Although, the website is two years old but still it has a low trust index. It does not hold any social media accounts, which is one of the most significant faults.

Boltz Pro Charger Reviews

Checking the customer reviews is the most productive factor that could decide the legitimacy of the product or website. According to the research, there are no customer reviews available anywhere on the internet. Getting no reviews in two years that the website is from the United States makes it more suspicious.

The absence of social media and customer feedback gives you the red signal, which stops you from trusting it easily. Hence it would help if you are very sure before investing any personal details. 


The boult pro charger is a United States-based company. It has an entirely new idea of energy distribution. It is helping people to charge their smartphones quickly. The website also comes with an HTTPS domain, and it has more than 700+ charging stations.

But at the same time, it lacks crucial information, which poses a threat to its legitimacy. Boltz Pro Charger Reviews found no review articles there about this on the internet.

What’s your opinion about this discussion? Please let us know in the comment section below. Your opinion means a lot for others to find out the best comments.


  1. It sounds like the pros outweigh the cons for a new company. Still I am curious why don’t have any reviews.

  2. The phone number you listed on your “review” is from BC (British Columbia), here in Canada, which it even says on the site, yet you assume that the site is located in america. If anything, people should read your site with caution, because clearly you don’t do proper research & there are tonnes of grammatical errors in all your reviews!

  3. I appreciate your direct and information especially the lack of information to guarantee this a legitimate website. Darn what a fantastic concept
    And unique idea.

  4. I’d like to know if it was really made by a middle school teacher. Thats what I saw an ad for on fb that it was made by a teacher because her students wanted her to get in on the science fair

  5. “The website also comes with an HTTPS domain, and it has more than 700+ charging stations.” What ar charging stations? Would we have to take our device to some place to get it charged?

  6. I learned about the ProBoltz on Facebook. I’ve never before ordered anything through Facebook. I was suspicious about the sob story about the teacher, but I liked the writeup, especially “healing” phone batteries that had been deliberately slowed down. So I ordered one. Actually, I mistakenly ordered two. So I thought, this will be the first test. I called the tech support number in the advertisement, and immediately I was refunded for the extra charger. Then I wondered how many weeks it would take to receive it , if ever. I received it yesterday after only one week. It unit says “Made in China.” I haven’t had a chance yet to test

    1. Please give an update once you have tested it! My husband ordered some of these and we are waiting for them to arrive. I have been looking all over for reviews because I like to research items before I invest in them. I have been concerned that these might not be all they are supposed to be.

  7. The skeptic in me came forward when I clicked on the “Check Availability” button. Where the first page kept touting “charge your iPhone in 15 minutes — from 5% to 100%,” the next page, supposedly offering newer technology (OC 3.0, I think) advertised 0-70% in 35 minutes. Nice idea, just seemed scammy.

  8. Be ware, I charged my smart speaker with it and it melted both the cord and the plug in for the speaker. I just reached out to the company to see if they will make amends for the 5 that I purchased + the ruined smart speaker and charging cord. I will update on how they respond.

    1. Hi Meg Werner, we are awaiting your further revert on this. Could you please take out two minutes from your valuable time and let us know. Thank you

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