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Bowl Sparkle Reviews {May} Is It Legit or Another Scam?

Bowl Sparkle Reviews 2020

Bowl Sparkle Reviews {May} Is It Legit or Another Scam? -> This article is all about the foaming cleaner website and gets to know about the detailed info of the site, whether it is suitable for purchasing or not.

Are you looking for a fast and quick toilet cleaner? Want to clean your dirty toilet and want the branded one? Then, no worries; we are going to review a toilet cleaner that you must need and keeps it at your home for rapid cleaning. This product is available across all corners of the globe, including the United State

As we all know, online shopping is trending, and it is even better if you get a product that works effectively. Here, we will explore the site and realize it is Bowl Sparkle Reviews. It is available at a reasonable rate with a 50% discount. 

Let us dive into the depth of Bowl Sparkle Toilet Cleaner Reviews.

What is Bowl Sparkle toilet cleaner? 

As it is mentioned on the site, it is an online store that is providing toilet cleaner, which is very easy to use. You can use it on a nasty scum toilet. Just spray it on the bathroom, let foam it and then, wipe it off. That’s all, and you do not need to do anything.  

The product is available for delivery across all the nations, including the United Kingdom and Canada.

This is all about the bowl sparkle toilet cleaner’s intro, and now, we will delve into Bowl Sparkle review

What are the pros of using this toilet cleaner? 

Here, we are going to mention some of the positive aspects of this toilet cleaner that you need to know before purchasing it. Let us have a look at these below. 

  • Available at affordable prices.
  • Easy to use
  • Quick to clean
  • Providing a considerable discount
  • Get the best cleaning product
  • Available at the doorstep 

How to use this toilet cleaner? 

To use this Bowl Sparkle Toilet Cleaner, here are some steps that you have to use for proper and branded cleanup. Let us begin. 

  • Get all the essential cleaning material together, such as gloves, eye protection, can brush, shower, and so on. 
  • To start cleaning, begin with the bowl and apply toilet cleaner and let it for some time. 
  • After some time, clean the bowl and utilize the shower to wash it properly.  
  • Clean it properly and rinse it off entirely.      

What’s more? 

The site is providing a massive discount of fifty percent for a limited period, and grabbing the same; you have to place an order for Bowl sparkle toilet cleaner now. No matter how many packs you’re purchasing, it is valid to get a half percent discount on all counts of packages.  

What are the precautions while using the toilet foaming cleaner? 

It is introduced o the site that people need to take some precautions while there are using this foaming cleaner at home. Let us have a look at these instructions. 

  • Keep the children away from it. 
  • Keep the cleaner away from food, drink, and other eatables.
  • After handing the powder on the toilet, wash your hand correctly. 
  • Covers your eye as it may irritate. 
  • If you get in touch with the skin, then move it with a flush. 
  • If swallowed, drink some water. 
  • Wash your eyes properly if you feel any irritation. 
  • Get advice from a medical practitioner if there is any serious issue.

What are the unfavorable indicators of 

We have found a lot of negative signs that may prevent buyers from doing shopping from this site. Let us have a look at these below. 

  • The identity of the web site’s owner is hidden with the help of a paid server.
  • Another site has framed this site.
  • The site’s domain name is very generic and used by a lot of other websites. 
  • Alexa ranking of this site is very low and the count of visitors too. 
  • The address is anonymous, and they are using a PO Box. 
  • No SSL certification, so transactions are not secured over there. 
  • Involvement of three countries in the designing and set-up. 

What do we conclude at the end?

All in all, we are having a great and brief review of the as it provides a toilet cleaner, which is quite useful. But the shortcomings indicate that the site is not all clear. 

Still, if you have any doubts related to this site, then do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


  1. I ordered BowlSparkle and when it arrived I used per instructions and it did not foam up and after leaving it in my toilet for 20 minutes, I proceeded to use the toilet brush to scrub the toilet and it did exactly nothing. It did not foam up or remove any stains in the toilet. I think this is a scam. They

    also told me when ordering that I would receive a free pack of DrainStix for ordering. Well, when I received my bill the free stix were a separate charge of $10.77. Not so free HUH!!!!

  2. doesnt foam up like stated. I used three scoops in my standard toilet. There is no foam that you describe. like an alka seltzer, it
    sisolves but only creates foam at the water level. cleans well where there is standing water b ut the area above the water
    remains unclean….Not as you say!

  3. I received my Bowl Sparkle & tried it yesterday. Didn’t do anything any other cleaner would do. Waste of my money!!!!

  4. Be careful of this sight. They continue trying to upsell you while you are online. They charged my card an additional $9.95, on top of the shipping charges, for expedited shipping. This, after I checked the box saying I did not want it. They want your card information before they begin asking you to buy all these add-ons. I continued to say no, but they still put the extra $9.95 charge on my card. I could not do anything about it on the site and could not cancel the order, I immediately called a customer service number I was able to find and requested they remove this $9.95 expedited shipping charge. They tole me they would, but I have no idea if I will see it.
    I can’t give a review of this product yet because I have not received it, however, I would give the purchase of the product a zero stars if possible. BE CAREFUL.


    It’s not like it doesn’t work WELL, it DOESN’T WORK AT ALL!!! The sellers will give you a VERY hard time getting a refund, so much so it isn’t worth the effort.

    Bowl Sparkle is a RIPOFF!!! DO NOT BUY BOWLSPARKLE!!!

  6. It was the most fraud product that I have ever seen! It did absolutely nothing in the potty! It was ridiculous that they professd to clean & did not! Unreal the false advertising that they do ! They did absolutely nothing as far as cleaning is concerned!!!

  7. I ordered Bowl Sparkle and a month later I still have not received it. I tried to email the company about it,and the email would not go through. This is a complete waste of money.This product is a complete fraud. The people who do this type of things to innocent people should be ashamed of themselves. Now I know why I do not buy anything on line.

  8. I ordered Bowl Sparkle and a month later I have not received it. I was told it was shipped but it has not arrived to me. They saw me coming talk about a scam.

  9. It’s bad enough we’re all suffering through a pandemic. Then this criminal comes along and steals the hard earned money of good people.

  10. Not going to purchase based on the comments. Learned from previous purchases that I needed to review product information and customer reviews before purchasing.

  11. The product is a total scam. It does not work in any way it was represented in the powerful, well done web advertisements. It does NOT foam up at all, at all!
    It does not CLEAN, at all! I just filed a dispute with my Synchrony Mastercard. I told them everything. They told me they will contact the merchant about the charge. The onus will then be on the seller to prove that the product does what is promised and stated. If they are unable to do that, then the charge will be reversed.
    This is why I use a credit card especially for online purchases. I suggest everyone who used a credit card to the same. Don’t let them get away with it. I’m sure they are getting swamped with CC disputes regarding the product.

  12. I did contact the seller at the sales@helpwithmyorder phone number provided. I did this just so I could add it to my dispute with Mastercard. The young woman with whom I spoke was very friendly. She told me that they represent a lot of different companies. The nitty gritty is that she has heard about this product and she was told to tell customers who are dissatisfied that they need to add warm water to the product to make it work. I told her that this was not mentioned anywhere in the instructions nor is it shown anywhere in the complete video advertisement found on She told me she knew that and that ‘we’ are changing the website, but we do not know when that part will be complete. Ok…anyone here that heats their toilet bowl water? While I didn’t expect a resolution with them, I told her I would drop the CC dispute if they would refund my money. She told me that my options were she would give me a refund of 65% of the cost of the product right now if I agreed to do that. So…that would leave me getting 65% of the $14.95 cost, but they would not refund the $4.95 for regular shipping or the $4.99 I paid for expedited shipping. So I’d get roughly $9 to $10 back, and have paid another $15 which they keep. Nice scam, right? I told her I would not agree to that. Then she said that I could send the product back and they would refund the entire $14.95 plus the $1.81 tax, but I would have to pay shipping back to them and they will keep the original shipping cost and the expedited shipping cost. The guy selling this junk has done his math, for sure. SO, I am not going to bother with the ‘warm water’ suggestion. I called the CC company and added this information to my dispute made within the last hour. I think it will go favorably for me since they cannot prove their claim stated about “The Bowl Cleaner that Restores Your Toilet to Brand New.”

  13. Scam~~~~~doesn’t clean any better than regular bowl cleaner. Waste of money, very disappointed ! Buyer beware !!!!!!

  14. Didn’t work well at all for me. I tried it twice (in case what I thought was “not that bad” was one that needed more than one application). Didn’t clean well at all.

  15. Ordered Bowlsparkle and it finally came (some 14 days after ordered). I followed directions (2-3 scoops into toilet bowl). Nothing! No foaming, not even a slight fizz!
    Unfortunately this is a scam. Phoned Customer Service, lady was very nice said would send me 65% refun–not holding my breath on that, butt we’ll see.

  16. I agree with all the reviews I just read (5-15-2022).

    This product does NOT as advertised.

    Not even close to doing any cleaning.

    I have been ripped off.
    First time in a long time.

  17. I reside in the UK, the south coast of England in fact. I ordered and paid for the product Bowl Sparkle in mid April 2020, yet here I am the 16th May, 2020 and it was delivered yesterday. The package remains unopened and will do so. I have attempted to contact their ‘support’ department numerous times and the emails are always returned ‘undeliverable’. A PayPal investigation has been launched, and I have requested a full refund. No where, during the ordering process, is it evident that this product is being supplied from the USA, and it takes over a month to be delivered. Dear God, the Americans sent men to the moon and back quicker than that!
    In answer to the question posed, ‘Bowl Sparkle Reviews {May} Is It Legit or Another Scam?’ I am left in no doubt at all. If you live outside of America, it it a complete scam. A site run by crooks who are only interested in stealing your money.
    You have been warned, these people are thieves and rogues, Do NOT make an order, Do NOT buy their products, Do NOT send them any money.
    Absolute con merchants – may they rot in hell.

  18. Ordered and received the Bowlsparkle box with containing a plastic bag with the powder material. Tried on two toilets, it does not foam up as in website promotion but does dissolve. Toilet(1) the porcelain is etched and difficult to clean, this material was no more effective than Polident tablets I have used with some success and much cheaper. Toilet (2) porcelain is in good condition and had a mild rust stain, the Bowlsparkle was effective, I left it in the bowl for several hours and used a toilet bush to soak the sides of the bowl. I was able to bush away the stain. Conclusion, though mildly effective, there are much better and cheaper well known brand toilet bowl cleaners. Will not purchase again.

  19. Have to update my May 18 comment: Toilet (3) a low volume sixty year old Briggs toilet, that I’d been meaning to get around to cleaning for years, we have softened well water with some mineral content. Today I added one scoop and swirled it around with the toilet brush, it did suds up a fair amount. I then used the brush to wet the sides, over the next few hours periodically repeated this step of wetting the sides. I then used a pumice stone on the mineral deposits, worked at it awhile, flushed the toilet a member of times. The results were surprisingly good. Although the cost with tax and shipping was $26.55, the results were worth the cost, my time and fairly minimal effort. FYI, I found a very good review of brand name toilet cleaners on

  20. I find it interesting to note, that in spite of all the 21 adverse comments left in respect of this product, neither the manufacturers or owners or any representative of the company, have never once responded to the criticisms made or attempted in any way to placate Customers dissatisfaction. Therefore, if you have the slightest concern about this company, ask yourself, “Do they sound like the honest and reliable company who I would like to deal with, or do they sound more like a bunch of crooks and thieves simply ripping people off by either not supplying goods at all or only providing substandard and poor quality and ineffective goods at inflated prices?”

    Make your own mind up!

  21. I thank you all, that you made the effort to give an appraisal for this product and also the seller. I nearly have buyed this crape. Steve Harrison – your comments are so great. I love them – the men to the moon – …. awesome !
    Thanks a lot to all here ! Now I will go on searching a real good toilet cleaner ! 🙂

  22. Left a worse watering than when I started. Hard to believe I had to follow up the bowl sparkle treatment with My regular cleaner. It did not save me time, effort or money.

  23. I order sparkle bowl cleaner on may 16 and it is charging my account 10.62 every other day. I need someone to contact me concerning this. Please tell me why my checking account is being charge for the product that I paid for and a additional 10.62. I have been charge an additional 8 times. I need to hear from you guys ASAP!

  24. We received our order of Bowl Sparkle and found that it doesn’t create a foam that fills the bowl nor does it remove any of the mineral deposits/water lines. I called customer support and they suggested trying it in another toilet bowl and waiting 30 minutes. I did that and again, no foam and no removal of mineral deposits. Their website says “90-Day Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with our product, simply return it for a full refund!” So I called back for a refund. This is their interpretation of a 90 day full refund guarantee: I paid a total of $27.39 including tax shipping and handling; if I return the product at my expense, they will credit me $22.44; if I decide not to return their product that doesn’t work, they will credit me $12.96. How is that for a 90 guarantee with a full refund?!? Unbelievable! A complete and total scam. They have three 5 star reviews featured prominently on their website but they must have been written by the company. There is no way for actual customers to leave a review!

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