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Brevilleshops Review {April} Know It All Before Shopping

Brevilleshops Review {April} Know It All Before Shopping -> In this article, you will find the information about the Brevilleshops, pros and cons of the website.

There are lots of websites where you can place your order according to the requirements. Online shopping is one of the best ways to reach maximum customer indirectly. Suppose someone did fraud with you during online shopping? Due to some fraud people, online buyers don’t believe easily on any random e-commerce company and only purchase from that online store which seems promising. 

Several online buyers still got trap into the fake websites; in this article, we will discuss Brevilleshops Review. There are a few customers who wanted to know about the site. Online shopping is for those who are unable or have not enough time to purchase products. It is for those who search for new products, like imported items, regular items, any unique items.

Customers often forget to acquire information about the sellers; the reason may be the availability of the products at low cost, attractive products, offers and discounts. Several malicious websites in the United State trapped looted innocent customers. But due to the absence of any details regarding the website, it becomes difficult to catch those fraudsters. But people are getting aware, and with the help of social media platforms or digital media platforms awareness are reaching out to the maximum people.

What is Brevilleshops.com?

Brevilleshops.com is an online store which sells a coffee machine; coffee is an essential drink in our daily life. Whether you are at work or home or taking breakfast coffee is a must. Coffee is that drink that most of the people can’t live without, they need coffee at least one times a day. Brevilleshops.com provides a coffee machine which a customer not only can buy for a coffee shop but also for your personal use.

Brevilleshops.com will allow you to make your day like a wish because you can make coffee, which is must in breakfast for few people.  The website was found in 1932 with the promise to deliver a beautiful product that makes your day. The website Brevilleshops.com name is similar to Brevilles.com they resemble the same design and products. There are lots of confusion, whether it is Brevilleshops com legit or not.

In our research, we found that Brevilleshops.com is hiding something; the website has hidden the details of the owner, contact information and mail-id. But in Brevilles.com, all is well designed, and contact information is mentioned. We came into conclusion that the website Brevilleshops.com is the copied website of Breville.com. The website Brevilleshops.com tries to copy the image, products and design of the website but they somehow lack and caught.


Email: info@usfitwear.com

Contact Number: (315) 719-9789

Return Address: 6215 Kestral View Road, Trussville, USA

Pros and Cons Brevilleshops.com

Pros of Brevilleshops.com

  • The website is giving offers and discount
  • Brevilleshops.com is providing offers of free shipping
  • You can return the product within 30 days if you want to return the product
  • Brevilleshops.com is giving up to 61% discount on all coffee machines

Cons of Brevilleshops.com

  • The website Brevilleshops.com is copied from Breville.com
  • The site tried to copy the web design, the promises, images, and products 
  • The website Brevilleshops.com tries to hide the owner’s information
  • In their return policies, it is mentioned that do not return the product to store it means they don’t want to catch
  • The website Brevilleshops.com is not present in any social media, and not having any external links.

Exchange and Return Policy

  • The product must be in one piece that means in unique condition at the time of return.
  • The customer will get 30 days to return the product but do not return it in-store.
  • The discounts available in the product will be finalized at the time of payment
  • The customer could exchange the product if they received the damaged parts.
  • Customers are requested to submit original or a copy of the receipt dring returning or exchanging the product.
  • After 30 days, no merchandise will be taken by the company for return and exchange.


In our research, we found that the website Brevilleshops.com is the imposter website of Breville.com. They copies each product and image form the site and tries to convince the buyers about the legitimacy of the website. But they lack, the original website is having customers review, a social media page and details regarding the website.

We want to advise that please avoid this website and buy the product from the only original website. But the choice is yours what you prefer because we gave our Brevilleshops Review.

0 thoughts on “Brevilleshops Review {April} Know It All Before Shopping

  1. Made an order today morning and got a receipt with an order number. but there is no way to track my order.
    Still waiting the tracking information

    1. I too ordered on April 18th. I wrote an email to the company and recieved a reply that my machine will arrive in 9 days “please be patient”. That was the first sign that made me suspicious. The reply came from a brevillecontact@gmail.com which was also strange. off course no tracking information was given as I requested.
      On the credit card receipt it was charged by MILCATS STORE PARIS which I cannot find. I am now convinced this whole experience was a scam and will take action to stop payment if possible.

  2. Is this a real website or a complete sham? I also ordered one, and now the website has completely disappeared. They did manage to get the charge onto my credit card.

  3. Cancel your credit card and reject the charge and the foreign transaction fee you incurred. This site was a sham.

  4. I ordered from this site too thinking it was Breville’s legit website. Looked exactly like it. These guys are good. I was checking around to see if there were any deficiencies because the it was such a good deal on the espresso machine but it looked pretty legit to me since I have ordered from them in the past and own 6 different Breville products….so I placed my order. Got an email receipt right away as I normally would. No tracking info though. So I decided to cal Breville myself. Because of the whole COVID-19 situation phone lines are backed up and their message says to wait 4 days to receive tracking info. Since I ordered the machine last Monday, I decided to hang up since I was probably contacting them prematurely and I didn’t want to wait on the phone. By Friday, when I STILL had not gotten tracking info from them, I decided to call again. I reached someone and they asked for my order number. I provided the one on the email receipt and they explained that they had nothing with that order number. They asked me from what website did I order to told them it was theirs, Brevilleshops.com. They told me they are not affiliated with them. My heart sank. Could believe someone could mimic a legit website so well to lure people in and scam them. I saw the ad originally on Facebook and clicked it. That’s how I saw and placed my order. I’ve seen many ads on Facebook. I’ve order products from many of them and I have always received my product I’ve ordered with no issue. Also perplexed me on who Facebook allows ads for fake pages like this. I thought they moderated posts and ad material??? Ah well, lesson learned. I put in a dispute with the bank. Too bad the transaction already posted and couldn’t stop payment… not to mention the $45 foreign transaction fee that came with it. Don’t think I won’t be doing anymore online shopping unless I can call the company myself. Sometimes I wonder if that even works. People all over are out to take your hard earned money. 🙁

  5. The site looked so legit that I ordered a 500 dollars machine. I called Breville after a few days and they said they were not affiliated with brevilleshops.com. I then realize it was an scam, I contacted my credit card company and thank God they reverse the fee and cancel my card and sent me a new one. I will be way more careful next time I have to order online. The site looked very legit and it was easy to fool people. I know if they dont repent they will burn in hell with Satan for being so evil and stilling people’s money.

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