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Brooks Shop. Shop Scam [June] Safe Product Or Not!

Brooks Shop. Shop Scam 2020

Brooks Shop. Shop Scam [June] Safe Product Or Not! -> In this article, you will read about an online store that sells shoes and clothing products.

 How have you been buying clothes and shoes? If you prefer online shopping, then there are several websites for it, like Brooks Shop. Although, people worry about the sites being a scam. Hence, let us take you further to clarify is Brooks Shop. Shop Scam.

Mostly, the people who don’t prefer shopping online are due to the untrustworthy sites. There have been several sites emerging online nowadays and are scamming people like anything. The customers either receive counterfeit products or nothing at all. The main reason they get affected is that they pay them before receiving the products, and they don’t read the reviews beforehand. Thus, it is necessary to update yourself with the website’s legitimacy.

Here we are, informing you about this new website which tends to sell its products in the United States and the United Kingdomincluding other countries. 

Keep reading to know if they are legit or not.

What is Brooks Shop?

The Brooks Shop is associated with the United States and is believed to deliver clothes and shoes online. They claim that they are shipping their products globally and are providing their products at affordable prices. They have mentioned on their ‘About Us’ page that they have a long-lasting tie with the distributors, factories, and warehouses, which help them, eliminate the unnecessary costs. It makes them provide the items at reasonable prices. 

The company aims to provide the products to their customers at affordable prices, and they can do that in their ways. 

Specifications of Brooks Shop

  • Website link:
  • Website type: An online store for selling clothes and shoes
  • Shipping time: Not quoted on the website
  • Delivery time: Not stated on the website
  • Cancellation: Not stipulated on the website
  • Exchange/ Return: Not particularized on the website
  • Refund: Not defined on the website
  • Shipping cost: Free shipping for orders over $60
  • Company location: Not specified on the website
  • Email id:
  • Contact: Not mentioned on the website
  • Mode of payment: Visa, MasterCard

Who is Brooks Shop for

This website is suitable for those who are willing to purchase clothes and shoes online at affordable prices. They offer promising customer services too.

But before dealing with a new website like this one, it is better first to know its pros and cons.

Pros of Brooks Shop

  • The website has been using HTTPS, which means it is SSL certified.
  • They have a variety of products available.
  • The product prices are quite low and affordable.

Cons of Brooks Shop

  • There are no valid links to social networking sites on their website.
  • They have not mentioned any contact details apart from the email address.
  • The mode of payment does not have many options, like PayPal and Cash on Delivery.

What do the reviews reveal about Brooks Shop

Firstly, the company has been missing out on several details, out of which the one is the contact details. A customer who has any issues would directly search for the contact information for which they have provided only an email address that to a free mail domain.

Secondly, the links provided on social media websites are invalid and do not open the company’s page. Also, they do not have any customer review section which describes the views of the customers. 

Moreover, the English language used on the website is not correct. The site has used the wrong English on their page. 

In addition to this, the company has been using two different names. The name on the website mentions ‘Fashion’ whereas the domain name uses Brooks Shop as the name. 


The reviews available online make it easy to state that this website is not trustworthy. The company has not provided information about the delivery or contact details. The customers have a complaint about their experience and have not been answered or relieved of their issues. The main motive of a company shall always be to keep its customers satisfied, which are not taken care of by this company.

The details provided by the company on the website are not enough to term them as legit. Therefore, we do not recommend this website to our readers. However, we have provided the necessary information to make a wise decision regarding shopping through this website. Now the ball is in the customer’s court.

Have you purchased anything from this website, or are you planning to do so? Kindly express your views in the comments section below.

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  1. I purchased items in June and have not received anything. a pair of sunglasses were delivered that I didn’t order, and now no one will return any emails or give an estimated date of delivery. I’m now going to dispute the charges with me credit card for the refund. As always, too good to be true.

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