Bruce Arians Mask (Feb 2021) His Mask Upside Down!

Bruce Arians Mask 2021.

Bruce Arians Mask (Feb 2021) His Mask Upside Down! >> The post is for sharing details regarding the face mask the Buccaneers’ head coach was wearing while delivering the speech last Sunday.

Bruce Arians Mask: Bruce Arians, the head coach of the Buccaneers, brings the unique style to the NFL sidelines by wearing his mask upside down. No one in the team and the viewers bothered to let the coach know for his mask before addressing millions in the stadium. 

The coach locked the first Super Bowl appearance on Sunday, and it was the first time in his NFL career. He offered a spirited speech to the viewers and his team on the national channel after his team defeated Packers in the NFC Championship game. 

His mask was upside down during the speech, and it was recorded by the national TV channels in the United States and Canada.  

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What is the News About Bruce Arians Mask?

The head coach of the Buccaneers, Bruce Arians, is in the news because of his unique style of wearing the mask while addressing national TV. The coach encountered life’s most significant moment on Sunday night, and he celebrated the moment wearing the face mask upside down. 

After the big win against the Packers, the coach locked the first Super Bowl appearance and delivered a passionate speech to the viewers on national TV wearing the mask upside down. The address was recorded by the national TV in the United States and Canada. 

While delivering the speech, no one bothered to inform the head coach about the Bruce Arians Mask. So, it was captured in the camera and creating news now.

What Mask Bruce Arians Wearing?

As per the reports, the 68-year-old head coach addressed the viewers on national TV while wearing a gray mask. The face mask was embellished with the Buccaneers’ flag on one side, and the other side of the mask is beatified with the Super Bowl LV logo. 

Since the head coach was wearing the mask upside down, both the logos were looking off, thanks to the mask gaffe as no one recognized it to inform the coach that he was wearing the mask upside down. 

It seems that the coach was too excited for the Super Bowl appearance, and hence he was least bothered to double-check the mask he was wearing. In his speech, he was super amazing to hold the George Halas Trophy and passed his regards to his family, team members, and friends. 

But, the Bruce Arians Mask grabbed the viewers’ maximum attention on national TV.  

What Viewers Have to Say About His Mask?

It is only one day when the incident occurred, and the news is still fresh. Not all viewers recognized that the coach was wearing the mask upside down during his speech. It is because of the unique mask gaffe. 

People are still not aware of the news that took the national TV by storm after his speech with wrong mask-wearing. So, we have not found any feedbacks or reactions from people online regarding the same.    


Bruce Arians Mask is in buzz today because he delivered a winning speech to the viewers on national TV with the mask upside down last Sunday. However, viewers were unable to identify the flaw because the mask’s gaffe is designed uniquely. 

Have you noticed the mask he was wearing on national TV, and what is your reaction? Kindly share it in the comments section below.

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