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Ceneza com Reviews [June] Is it Legit or a Scam Site?

Ceneza com Reviews [June] Is it Legit or a Scam Site? -> In this article, you got to know about a company that sells a unique range of products for its customers.

Are you in search of a website that can help you get all the goods of your choice? Ceneza com Reviews will be the perfect choice to get the right information about such a company.

Many brands enter the market to gain popularity by pleasing people. But, not can fulfil this dream. One such website is rising from the part of the United States, and it is all set to spread its roots to gain the attention of maximum people.

Before you buy anything from any company or brand name, it is always a smart decision to read the reviews. Reading reviews will help you know more about the brand and will help you decide whether to buy products from it or not.

Ceneza Review will also play the same role and will help you make a brainy decision regarding shopping. 

So, hurry and read more about the Ceneza com Reviews in the content followed.

What is Ceneza?

Ceneza is an online store website that claims to sell teapots & kettles, filters for water & dispensers, air fryers, home & kitchen items, car seats and kids’ activity toys.

The company provides great offers and discounts on all collections and also offers free shipping worldwide. The website is secured to use and safe for checkouts. But the payment options are not disclosed.

They also give an uncomplicated and hassle-free refund and exchange policy if the customers are not pleased with their orders. The company has the best customer support system available 24/7.

Specifications of Ceneza com:

  • Website URL: products sold by the company: Tea Kettles & pots, water filters, etc.
  • Mode of Payment put forward by the company: No information available.
  • Shipping time is taken by the company: 7 to 14 business days.
  • Shipping charge fixed by the company: Free shipping worldwide.
  • Return policy put forward by the company: This feature is made applicable by the company.
  • Refund policy put forward by the company: This feature is made relevant by the company.
  • Exchange policy put forward by the company: This feature is made relevant by the company.
  • The email address of the company provided on the website:
  • Phone number of the provided on the official website: 800-571-9338
  • Mail Address of the company offered on the site: 4247 Red Bud Lane – Wayne – New Jersey – 07477 – USA

Advantages of Ceneza:

  • The company, Ceneza, provides unique and inspiring collections of products.
  • The website of the company, Ceneza, is secured and safe for checkout.
  • The company offers free shipping everywhere around the globe to make shopping a fantastic experience for its customers.
  • The company has the best 24*7 customer support.

Disadvantages of Ceneza:

  • The website seems to be a scam as the About Us section is all about Nezdun company.
  • Website policies seem to be inappropriate.

What are the people saying about the Ceneza?

The website made so many promises but failed to prove them all. This is the expression which the customers have given after purchasing and using the products from the site of the company. 

The customers are not happy with the services of the company. Moreover, the customers have been seen criticizing the brand on various grounds: customer care service came to be the most talked of the feature. 

The customers have also shown dissatisfaction for the products. Many customers say that the company has provided them with inferior quality products which did not work for long. On complaining against the low quality, the buyers could not get any response from the seller.

The Final Word for the brand, Ceneza:

The website has given so many points to claim it as not an excellent website. First and foremost, the site is new to the market. People who trusted in the name are now suffering from low-quality goods and services rendered by the brand.

The company’s managing team has also not taken proper care of the website. The company is selling an entirely different range of products. There is no connection between the chains of goods it is dealing in.

Moreover, the offers made by the company are beyond the acceptability limit; the company has presented itself as too much good so that it can gain the attention of maximum buyers.

Thus, please think twice before you make a final decision to make purchases from the company as it is not legit. We cannot recommend the website to our readers.


  1. As the goods that Ceneza is selling are often 5 times cheaper than most of its competitors offer – I have tried to contact them prior to the purchase. I have used the on-site form and unfortunately, the has appeared to be a non-valid address.
    That was another red flag that helped me to make a right (I guess) decision: stay away from these guys.

  2. It’s scam. I bought car seat from them and didn’t get a item. I emailed Ceneza and WooCommerce which is Ceneza’s built in site and both didn’t answer. Now I’m asking Paypal to refund this as a fraud seller. DON’T USE THEM.

  3. It’s a scam…I purchased a toy bbq and never received it. I actually purchased it from which looks like it is no longer in service on the web. This website is EXACTLY like the Lapgear website that burned me. I currently have claims in with PayPal and my bank. Be careful everyone. So frustrating…

    1. It’s under the name Ceneza now , they are using different names don’t order anything until you check phone # and addresses.

    2. Here we can assist you if you are not satisfied with your product.. !!! click on the official website to know about…. Thank you…

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