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Cheerblues Shoes Reviews [Dec] Is This A Legit Website ?

Cheerblues Shoes Reviews [Dec] Is This A Legit Website?-> This content is regarding selling varieties of fashionable shoes at discount prices. Let’s check the website’s legitimacy.

Are you looking for fashionable shoes online? is a platform that offers varieties of stylish shoes at a reasonable price, which is an attractive option for people of the United States. You will also find winter warm glitter ankle boots, fancy sneakers etc. You will currently find trendy sneakers in the website, e.g., Leopard Flat Heel Casual Sneakers, Canvas Faux Fur Lined Snow Sneakers, Women Bow Flat Sneakers, All-Season Purple Sneakers, solid wedge sneakers, Slip-On Lightly Sneakers, Trendy Wedge Sneakers etc. and many more varieties of sneakers. We will provide detailed Cheerblues Shoes Reviews based on our research so that you can be sure and confident about the website’s legitimacy.

What is   

This website consists of various varieties of shoes like casual fashion flat boots, waterproof lace-up duck boots, ankle boots—lightweight ankle lace-up boots, sneakers, slippers, sandals, etc. There are many more varieties of shoes available on the website, which is an excellent option for people to purchase. The website is currently providing New Year discounts like 15% discount if you buy 2 pairs of shoes, 18% discount if you buy 3 pairs of shoes and 20% discount if you purchase 5 pairs of shoes. It is an excellent website for shoe lovers, so we are here to give you detailed Cheerblues Shoes Reviews so that our research profits you. Also, they are offering up to 50% discounts on products as a New Year offer.


  • Details of the website – Online platform for buying sneakers, boots, etc. 
  • Details of Payment – Paypal, etc. 
  • Shipping – around 15-25 business Days
  • Return policy – 7 days after the date of receipt
  • Address of the company – not mentioned
  • Contact number – not mentioned
  • Email address –


  • The products have discount offers.
  • The website has a track my order section, which is beneficial for the customers.
  • The website has all the details related to shipping, return policy, FAQs section, which is needed before verifying any website.
  • As per Cheerblues Shoes Reviews, the website has all the fashionable varieties of shoes.


  • The website owner information is not provided, which makes it unreliable for people to purchase items.
  • The website has missing information like address and contact number.
  • Customer reviews are not available on the website, which is not trustable for the United States to trust the website’s legitimacy.
  • The website content is almost copied.

Is legit? 

The website is not legit and can be considered a scam because there are no customer reviews about the products. Also, the website content is almost copied, and the owner details are also not available on the website. As per Cheerblues Shoes Reviews we are unaware whether people are already using the products available on the website or not because there are no reviews on any platform regarding efficiency.  

The website seems legit because it has all the relevant information like us page, return policy, privacy policy, shipping, return, etc. Still, the necessary information related to the address or contact number is also unavailable on the website.

 We can justify with the above points that the website is not trustable as proper valid details of the website are unavailable. We will advise you to check any website with all the right and adequate information before making any payment or unnecessarily investing your money. It is better to take down all the valid data and do research before payment. 

What are Cheerblues Shoes Reviews? 

Asper the detailed review, the website is not legit; although it has various products available, we are unaware of its quality, availability, and customer reviews based on the products. Because this critical detail is not on the website and other platforms, we cannot track it. 

So we will say that the website is not legit and is a scam; it is better to go for a trustable site rather than investing your valuable money on such a website. We advise you also to check all these details required to check the legitimacy of any product available is any website. There is no doubt regarding the website variety of collection sin terns of shoes, sneakers, boots, etc., which is an attractive option for all people. 

Still, there are many background checks which we need to do before investing money because you should be aware of fraud and fake websites. Your money might go in vain if you don’t do a detailed check.

Final Verdict

According to Cheerblues Shoes Reviews, the website is not legit because it has many copied contents and missing information. The website fails to provide legit details regarding the website owner details, complete contact information, etc. This is doubtful and suspicious for making any kind of investment in the website.

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  1. I would have to agree with these statements. I ordered a pair for my daughter to give to her mom for Christmas….that was almost 3 months ago. Still haven’t received them and every time I contact them they say it’s on the way. The tracking information provided is NOT of any use to anyone who lives in the US.

    1. This is a scam company. Call your bank and dispute the charge. I had to do that today. I’ve asked for a refund over 20 times and I get the same thing: “We’ll push your order and it will arrive soon.” The shoes aren’t coming so call the bank and they can refund your money!!! DO. NOT. USE. THIS. COMPANY… EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I purchased a pair of shoes and they never arrived. I have asked for a refund at least 6 times, but get “sorry, they have been shipped and will arrive soon”. I’m so angry that this site cannot be investigated and.

  3. I also ordered 2 pairs of shoes on Dec 30th, 2020 and have never received them. I also have asked for refunds and they report that they should arrive soon. I just reported a dispute with Capital One, so hopefully they can get somewhere with stopping this company from advertisements!

  4. I ordered 2 pairs of shoes on Jan 4, 2021. As of today, Feb 27, 2021, I have not received them. Please respond with my refund. I wish I had read responses before I ordered. The responses suggest you to a scam.

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