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The guide shares details about a micro-working site to help people know if Legit or a scam.

Do you want to make some passive income apart from your regular job? If you are interested in making easy online money, then you must learn about the website It is an online site claiming to help people make flexible and passive income.

The website is attracting many people worldwide, including the Philippines. The website claims to help people make casual money apart from regular salary. The website assigns small tasks, and after completing the tasks, users are paid out. 

The website falls under the micro-working site category, where people do micro-jobs to get small payouts. But, please find if Legit or a scam.       

What is is the online micro-working website launched to help people make some casual and flexible income apart from their regular salary. The micro-working website assigns small tasks to users, and by completing those tasks, users can get small payouts. also has a mobile application that lets users complete tasks and make money on the go. Since it falls under the micro-working site category, users get micro tasks to complete for micropayments. Some specific tasks to complete are photo-taking, data-entry, recording voices, and completing surveys. 

Is Legit or a Scam? is a micro-working website where people can make online money. When the term online money pops up, it starts creating suspicion in users’ minds.

So, before using, users in the Philippines want to know its legitimacy. Hence, after evaluating, we found the following pointers.

  • The domain was created long back on 13th Dec 2006. So, it is more than 15-years old website. The domain will expire soon by 13th Dec 2022.
  • The website’s trust score is 96%, and it is an excellent score.
  • The website’s trust rank is 90.7/100.
  • The Alexa Ranking of the website is #14 532.
  • There are multiple reviews available, and they are varied kinds of reviews. It creates confusion, and hence users want to know is Legit or a scam.   
  • The website is active on social media, and an email newsletter subscription is available. 

Based on these evaluations, the website can’t be considered fully legitimate. So, further research and analysis are necessary before using and registering on the website.

What Customers Have to Say?

After evaluating the website online, we found multiple reviews. The website received mixed reviews from consumers. Many users have said that the website promises to offer flexible working schedules and easy and good payouts. But is Legit or a scam? 

However, some users have said that is a scam because they don’t pay the users after completing the assigned tasks. Some users said that the website holds the payouts without reason. 

Since it has garnered mixed reviews, testimonials, and feedback, we urge our readers to read reviews and research the website carefully before using it.

Conclusion is a micro-working website claiming to help users earn flexible and passive income apart from their regular salary. The website assigns multiple tasks, and after completing those tasks, users can get micropayments. 

However, it has garnered mixed reviews, and users want to know if Legit is a scam. Based on the negative reviews and evaluations also, the website can’t be considered fully legitimate, as further research and analysis are needed before using the portal to stay safe. Plus, don’t forget to read the helpful tips on How to Protect Yourself from a Scam.   

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